Damn, I feel like an outcast....

Our router went dead on us last night and only Wanda's computer is working by connecting the modem into her computer just as we would if we only had one computer. I try doing the same with mine and I can't get a connection. So looks like we have one computer until sometime next week......... hopefully!
Problem number two, I can't log into entrecard on her computer. My drop list is on my computer. I was going to drop from my inbox but I can't login to Entrecard. I've reset password and done all I can think of and it won't let me in. So I'm stuck to doing pretty much nothing on the internet until we get another router. HATE it when my internet connection is screwed up!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!

Sorry to all that I drop on for sure!!

Update: I finally got logged into Entrecard and got drops done though my inbox. Hopefully I will be able to every day. Sorry if I miss any of my normal drops!


  • LadyBanana said....

    I know, it's very annoying when we don't get our usual internet fix...

  • chilly said....

    LOL Yes LadyBanana. I rather be online than to eat food. ;-)
    Hope you have a great week end! :-)

  • MamaFlo said....

    Computer issues or in your case router issues suck! I'm glad you've found a work around.

  • Running mommy said....

    It can be quite disconcerting to get cut off from the internet! So I feel for you.

  • RollerKaty said....

    Good luck Chilly!

    I understand about frustration with Internet connectivity issues, our Internet has gone out every day for past three days and I keep having to call our cable company. Ug!

    Hope you get it fixed soon :)

  • RetroKimmer said....

    Chilly it's retrokimmer what type of router is it and is it cable internet? I work in internet tech support for a living. If it's a linksys router 8003267114 or 888netgear.

  • Zandranna said....

    Well, I for one can sincerely say I am missing seeing you around. It's all gone so quiet without you, lol.

    I'm missing your twitters, missing your spamming the board and missing your insults.

    Roll on tomorrow when hopefully all will be sorted with your router.

  • KAT said....

    I'm sorry to hear about your computer problems, but it sounds like Wanda is nice enough to share?
    My computer goes into the shop tomorrow...ughhh I don't know what I will do without mine???

    When you get up and running, come have some fun!!! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a fun meme over at my blog, http://soycandleblog.blogspot.com/, I had so much fun doing it! It's a blast!! Come over and play??

  • Veronica Lee said....

    I go loco when I can't get an internet connection!

  • Rob said....

    Listen, you're making a big mistake here. Today I went to a guitar store and tried a Martin d-28. It's like 2,000 dollars, so I'll never own one, even though I think it's worth every penny, plus sexual favors. Why? Because of my wife! She thinks that things have to make sense. You know better than that! Tell us what we need to do to get that Martin! Then, you'll have the best blog of all. Thank you.

  • chilly said....

    Hi RollerKaty, Do you have Comcast?? Sounds like it. We have Comcast and it's surely a pain in the butt.

    Hi MamaFlo, Running Mommy and Veronica Lee! Thanks, yes it does bite being offline a lot. But all is good now! :-)

    Hi RetroKimmer, yes it was a Linksys router. We did call them. It was an old router and they said they didn't support it anymore. So we had to buy another. Thanks!

    Hi Sandy! Me spam???? LOL! ;-)
    I've indeed missed being around too! All is fixed now!

    Hi Kat! Thanks for the meme and I will have a look. Thanks!
    Hope you get your computer back real quick!

    Rob Rob Rob! OMG Dude!! If your like me, the only way I can see getting a $2000 guitar, it would cost taking the wife on a huge vacation of her picking and a year or two of going out to dinner, plus anything else she wants! LOL!
    ummm, but then as I think about that, I still wouldn't get it because I just spent all my money on her! ;-)
    Good luck on getting the Martin guitar! That's a nice one indeed! :-)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. Indeed always a pleasure to see you!

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