This morning I didn't have any followers and I wasn't following anyone, plus there were no twitter posts from me or anybody. Now the posts have came back, most (but not all) of my followers are back, but now shows I am only following about 42 people. My account is all messed up right now. So if you notice I'm not following you now, hopefully all will be fixed soon.

IF I don't delete my account first! LOL


  • Sue said....

    I don't think it's just you. I actually just heard on the show "The View" that Twitter had a major crash yesterday.

  • Sandi said....

    uuuh. blogspot keeps messing up. =/

  • Sandi said....

    blogspot as well I mean...that happened with blogspot. We lost a lot of followers recently. So much messing up lately!

  • Shinade said....

    Chilly something is definitely wrong. Because I was following you. You are there on our page I think with your guitar.

    I started following a day or so after you followed me. I wish these dang companies would just leave everything alone.

    Google has blogger so messed up it's incredible. I lost almost 50 or 60 followers...maybe more...I almost had 200 and now I am under 120.

    Grrrrr...that felt good to rant...happy day!!:-)))

  • Tina said....

    i lost loads of followers, then a few came back yeterday! i think me following people is still in tact but who knows!

    let us know if you figure it out chilly lol ;)

  • chilly said....

    LOL @ Shinade! Go on and rant all you want! ;-)

    @ Sandi and Shinade, Yep, I forgot to mention in this Twitter post that the following widget on Blogspot is messed up too. I lost about 10 followers myself on that one. And haven't got them back yet.

    @ Sue, I haven't heard anything on Twitter crashing until you spoke of it, but I believe you. I did notice Twitter slowing way down the night before and then the next morning my account is cleaned out with getting only parts of it back. And it's still not all back to normal.
    Funny thing now, I go to add followers back on my own, I get a follow button at their profiles, but nothing happens when I click on it.

    Hello Ladies! Thanks, it's a pleasure to see you stopping in! :-)

  • chilly said....

    Hi Tina! I see you slipped in while I was commenting back. lol Thanks for stopping by!!

    I'm still trying to figure it out and if I find something, I'll be sure to share it. :-)

  • Rob said....

    That's ok. Cheer up! Once I was at this bar-b-que and the guy said "do you want the last rack of ribs?" and I was very late arriving and really hungry so I said "yea! Love em!" and he grilled 'em and they looked pretty good but he was kind of out of it and he dropped the rack of ribs and when he went to pick em up he stepped on them and slid right down the stairs and we had to take him to the hopspital, and I couldn't eat the ribs because it was, like, evidence or something plus he might need a transplant or an infusion or something medical so I waited and waited and they came and said he could go home so I was like "where's the ribs?" and they said they threw them away and I was like "this is a hospital? Those ribs could have saved some poor dying baby's life or something or you could at least gibe 'em back" but I drove my friend home and started a bar-b-que list and wrote his name down, my friend, not the doctor, and then crossed it off. It was the worst bar-b-que ever, even though the ribs looked great before the doctor got them, so if you don't get to post, put a rack of bar-b-qued ribs at the top of your steps and sit there and think about it and you won't feel so bad. Then you can wash 'em off and eat em and feel even better.

  • Anonymous

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  • ê¿êspi20 said....

    since I started back to school (what a strange feeling I get when I say that -- I'm "only" 57!), I haven't had time to look at either twitter or facebook! So I have no idea if I've lost followers or gained any!


  • Mike Foster said....

    Social networking blues, sounds like. Which reminds me of this: Social Networking Blues


  • Sarah said....

    That didn't happen to me luckly!

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