Does that have to be done today?

I can almost hear grandma saying that when I think on it, and I even catch myself asking it sometimes.
How about you, do you work on Sundays??? Oh I don't mean do you have a job that works you on Sundays. Sure you have to make a living somehow and sometimes a job can force you to work on Sunday.

My grandmother told me a story once about we shouldn't work on Sunday. It was a day for God and also meant for a day of rest. But you can't leave an ox in the ditch, so sometimes work is needed and alright.
I remember it was just this way when I was growing up. Every Sunday was a sit around day watching TV or maybe having company to visit. Most afternoons we would go out for a ride. I loved those trips because I used to ride laying up on the back shelf of the car above the back seat looking out the back window. And every Sunday I would see roads and places that I'd never seen before. Grandpa used to say, 'What fun would just out riding around be if you go somewhere you've already been'.

So I was brought up to not work on Sunday. I grow up in North Carolina and I rarely noticed anything happening on Sundays. Everything pretty will laid back, even the stores wasn't real busy. I moved to Georgia and I see houses being build, grass being cut. Seems people do just anything they want any day they want.
I make a comment about something being done on Sunday that I can't believe they're doing and Wanda just keeps telling me it just the different places in the world doing different ways.
Maybe so, I just don't understand I guess! The would moves to fast for me these days!

So slow down....... What's your hurry! lol


  • Mrs Mecomber said....

    Good post! I second the motion. Life is chugging along way too fast! It's why I got rid of my TV a long time ago...

    I know what you mean about doing good on Sundays, but not "working." Guess this is a good indicator of our culture and the lack of respect for God, isn't it?

  • Mee mOe said....

    I went to a very good chruch this morning, it was highly movative with an excellent positive outlook on everything, even if you thought it was such a bad thing...great post, I love it...(((hugs)))

  • Grill Girl said....

    I'd love to take a break, but I really can't fit it all in as a single parent. The yard is about an acre, so I often have to do part of it on Sunday if the weather is good of I get fined for the grass too long. This is esp when the old riding mower is not working, and I'm pushing all that.

  • Crazy Working Mom said....

    We usually take it easy on Sundays. The trouble is that we work all week and there are many "home projects" that get put on the back burner. We had to tackle them this weekend. Our baby is 10 months old and her bedroom (the old garage) is still not completed. This weekend, the HVAC was completed. Hopefully next weekend paint and carpet and then she'll be sleeping in her own room! Whoo hoo. :)

    But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE lazy Sundays. They are the greatest.

  • Spicybugz said....

    I grew up in PA, and I can remember the old blue laws. Nothing was open on Sunday. Everyone made sure they bought their bread or whatever they needed on Sat because the stores were all closed on Sunday.

  • MamaFlo said....

    I'm in a frantic pace right now trying to rid my life of all the clutter, I have so much furniture and nicnaks and such, so many clothes and shoes, it's all getting thrown out and this big house of mine is going to be sparse so when the time comes that I can move to someplace much smaller I'll be ready.

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