Social Networking Sites

Do you use them??? I mean do you really use them or just join because it's there and become just another one of the numbers game. Oh, do you not know what "numbers game" means?? It's when you join, then add all the people you can find just in seeing how many you can get on your friendship list or following/followers.

Be it Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook or whatever system out there, I just don't get it why would someone join and then ignore people or only bother to speak now and then.
The sites must be called social networking for some reason, but it gets old when you speak and never get a reply and some wanted added on and have never spoke yet.
Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe it's just me. I don't know, but starting to rethink my list on these kinds of sites. They don't want social, why do I need to bother??

Alright, later.....


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