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Don't know whats ahead for this blog. I bang my head against the wall every day to come up with a post. But after being sick and the surgery, nothing comes to me. Not a rant or joke. Not even a life these days to blog about. I surf the internet, nothing jumps out at me. To tell the truth, I'm having trouble just trying to say what I want, here. Going to give it a bit more thinking. Much as I love blogging, maybe it's came the time to be over and maybe Off The Bricks fits much better than On The Bricks these days.


  • Anonymous

    Dunno how to answer this Chilly Just to say I felt like that after surgery for a long time I'm sorta getting back to being me but it's sure taking its time hugs ya Fran xxx

  • chilly said....

    Hi Fran!! HUGS!!!
    Well, it's coming up on the 6 month mark. It's all getting old and boring for sure. Tiredness is the biggest deal. Had some test work done again, hoping to see something like thyroid and maybe have to adjust my meds for that, but all come back good. So don't know where doctor will go next yet.
    Thanks for stopping in! xxx

  • Rebecca Mecomber said....

    Oh gee, recovery from surgery is TOUGH. Hang in there. Don't quit the blogging yet. You have a good thing going. Everybody needs some time away, so just relax and take it easy. Things will come back. :)

    I like your new name "Chilly's" but On the Bricks is sassy and smart.

    Just "chill" and relax. Oh, and visit my blogs, they are sure to inspire you, lol!!! ;)

    Have a great holiday weekend.

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