What A Crappy Evening!

Got stopped for not wearing a seat belt. He kept my drivers license and sending them back to DMV to be cancelled. Wouldn't let me drive, so Wanda had to take over from there and drive. Have to go get a social security number verification in order to get my licence back from DMV. Never in my life lost my license until now and it took something small as a stupid SS#.I feel cheated! If I had to have license taken, rather have had it been something bigger to make it worth the trouble. LOL Oh well, life goes on and I get to set back while Wanda does all the driving. lol Maybe Wanda will pay my $15 seat belt ticket too. ;-)


  • Rebecca said....

    Holy cow, they took your license away because you weren't wearing your seatbelt?!? Wow talk about draconian! Good thing the jerk didn't fade you, bro!

  • chilly said....

    Hello there Rebecca!! xx
    No, they took away my license because I have to get my social security number verified. Whatever that means. Never heard of such before and no one ever gave me notice that I needed to do it. Anyway, I go to DMV and get my social security number verified, then they give my license back.

  • CapricornWoman said....

    Oh dear, you surely should have got just a warning being the first time!

  • chilly said....

    LOL We don't get warnings for anything.
    Hi Lady Banana!! xx

  • VanillaSeven said....

    Next time, don't bring driving license so they can't take it LOL!

  • Rebecca Mecomber said....

    Hey Chilly, how are you!? I'm still thinking about you and Wanda a lot. Have a merry Christmas and New Year!

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