Firefox 3

Downloaded the new Firefox. Will say it's much faster, But dang, FF 3 really sucks! And that all I have to say for it.


  • Ana said....

    I also still face some problems, either because I don't understand all yet or because I am stupid?! But I think during the next days you will be able to download more and more add-ons so it will go well soon.

  • Tina said....

    Chilly you are funny!

    By way mate thanks for all your drops, your a bit of a drop master arnt you!?

    I dont know if you noticed but you dropped off the 'showing'front list of the drop stars roll with new people coming on and that, so i have made sure that you are at the top now, and will stay there :)

    Have a great weekend

  • Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said....

    Actually, the add-ons are what's making my FF3 suck. I had to disable them in order to keep from crashing. THAT sucks, because what's FF without addons?


  • Sue said....

    using Safari now because FF3 will not load any tabs. All tabs said loading for over 20 minutes and I finally gave up. Safari seems good for Entrecard, but will just shut down sometimes for no reason. Anyone else having this prob. with FF3 nothing loads!

  • The Webloglearner said....

    I don't expect much from it and that is why i was not crazy about having it. I never find ff so good. In fact I love opera more and currently i am using safari of apple. if my safari go bad, i turn to opera and/or ie but ff is not one of my first choice nor firefox stand in the first line of my alternatives.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chilly, I hope you don't mind but I'm using this post of yours to practice using Open ID as I have suggested it to Yuku.

    I'm not sure how it works so I thought I would try posting a comment here as a test.

  • Anonymous

    Wey Hey it works. Thanks matie. Just delete these two posts of mine if you want.


  • Rene' Morris said....

    ITA!!! I've been using Flock since the last version of FF started logging me out of EntreCard among other issues. So I tried FF3 yesterday (it lasted a whole half hour). During that time it had 5 errors that totally shut it down. And , of course, it did the logging me out thing again. I'm sticking with Flock.

  • chilly said....

    WOW! Had no idea some people were having so much trouble with Firefox.
    Guess I'm lucky don't have trouble. I just don't like it near as good as the past version of Firefox.

    Tina! WOW! No kidding? Wonder how, because I'm still dropping everyday on you. Maybe could it be that lots more are too and they drop before me and pushing me down the list. Something like a first come, first served thingy.

    Hi Sandy! Help yourself to test if you need. :)

    Thanks all for stopping by and commenting. :)

  • Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said....

    I just started using Firefox3 because of all the promotion for it and so far, it's been okay. I'm still getting used to everything, but I like it. It does shut down Entrecard every so often and I have to login again, but I did for IE too. It is quicker than IE was.

    The only add-ons I added were Delicious and Stumble.

  • Gary R. Hess said....

    Fx3 was a huge letdown. I thought it was going to completely kick butt. And it was three years in the making (if I remember correctly they started the initial work in '05).

    So after three years, this is what they have? It is a slower version of Opera without as good of CSS support and more add-ons. Woopity doo.

    HUGE letdown.

    And don't get me started on 'download day'. What a joke that was.

  • Cole said....

    God, I'm so glad someone else agrees!
    The new theme is so lame and there's a bunch of little undocumented bugs and issues that it seems only a few of us have experienced.

    I am coming around but I expected more!

  • Rachel said....

    Hey C long time, sorry. I got FF3 and the only problem I seem to be having is when I am trying to upload photos. I am not sure if this is FF3 bug, but it didn't used to happen to me. I get the picture all ready then press browse, find it, and then hit open and FF3 goes unresponsive.

    I like the yellow btw, see u have probably had that up for awhile, I have just been really busy with the new job, and then really sick. I am still trying to get rid of this damn cold.

    I hope all is well with you!

    Take care

  • Rachel said....

    I haven't downloaded it but so far you are the only one I have really heard say something bad.

  • Boutique Flair said....

    I just found out through a friend that I may be the only IE user on earth. I had no idea. I Just tried FF3 and was horified to see how my webpage looks to FF users...it's not aligned correctly...and I can't figure out how to edit it through FF. I think ignorance was bliss. Change stinks. I am not digging it at all.

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