But if you do read this vent/rant, I know I have some very nice people who read my blog and some people who are very much christians. I'm sorry to you folks but I have something I have to try to say and get off my chest and this is not going to be nice. So before I start, if you need to ignore this post, that's ok. And to the many cry babies who are around, read it or not, I don't care what you ever do.

Totally not sure how to say this because I am to mixed up on how I feel in different ways and places. I'm sad, I'm pissed to the max, have a feeling of an empty spot like I have lost something very close to me as you would a friend or pet. I am very disappointed in the way Entrecard has dealt with the last few days on it's forums. They have totally been unfair to many people both right and wrong. Phirate, an Admin there, I honestly feel he has tried his best to keep things right, or at least to ways he sees it. Entrecard, an Admin there, I just don't know what to say about him. He seems like an alright guy for all I know about him, but he don't know shit about running a forums. And we have rarely seen or heard anything on what or where he stood/stands. That is no way to run a forum.

I don't know which Phirate or Entrecard or both together made rulings on hows thing were to go, but whichever, you were wrong in your calling along with the Mods that made any calls in the post/threads closed and deleted.
That asshole weasel little shit (Scratchin Posts) comes in and asks a question and didn't like the any of the answers he got and then get hostile with people, people jump back at him , then he goes crying to the leaders how people treats him, the leaders of the Entrecard forums let him go like an angel but then throws out punishment to the people that fired back on the asshole. Now that's just now right!

Now we have one banned from forums and others leaving the forums. Not sure yet what I will do. But I don't care much for the forums at the moment. Besides, a forum that promotes sensorship, flat out sucks and has no room for me anyway. Then you have the whiners, cry babies like Scratchin Posts, Entrecarder and Lee Doyle who wants censorship and would love to see the forums become a Hugs forums.

And while I am on Mr. Lee Doyle. Damn! What The Hell????? Can you believe that slapnuts asswipe is a Mod at the Entrecard forums?????
Now Phirate had built a forum for people to go post pretty much anyway they wanted. The very first day, you, Lee, come in there and start closing/deleting post/threads/people from the place. Ok, Phirate says and takes blame that he didn't tell Mods what was going on with the new forum. Ok maybe true and sure believable. Well, come on Lee!! We aren't stupid as you would like us to believe we are. There was a thread there from the night before with Phirate posting with people and he posted the things that would be allowed and what wouldn't be allowed in this one forum. I honestly believe you had to have read that thread too and knew the truth of what could go and what couldn't. I honestly believe you came into that forum the first day being nothing but a damn troll to egg people on until you got what you felt was a reason to closed/delete and disable peoples accounts. Your lower than snake shit and don't need to be a Mod. I want nothing to do with someone like you!

Scratchin Posts, I hope you have really left Entrecard forums. You don't belong there and you have really damaged yourself in anyway of finding friends there unless it's some of the cry babies such as yourself. I turly hate you for what you have done to the forums there and making me feel the way I am at this time. I hate hating in this way towards anyone but right now, I promise you, I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. I'd let your sorry magget ass burn and stand back and watch it happen!!
And sure, I know you are sitting back all full of yourself, happy over what you have done, but then again, isn't that the way trolls are!

That's all for now and think maybe I will take a few days off to not even reading the forums. Like there's anything there now that I would want to read.

Good night!

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  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    I just heard about all the ruckus today. It makes me feel sick. I was never one to frequent the forums, and I'm glad.

    I love Entrecards because it has done exactly what I am doing right now-- it's brought me in touch with some really cool blogs and great new friends. That's all I ever expected of it. Oh, and the traffic is great, too. :D

    Chilly, don't let this stuff get to you too much. Stay cool and take care of your health, man. Let the bickerers rant, they're going to do it anyway. Let's just enjoy Entrecards for the good times we've been having.

    Your friend,
    Mrs. M!!

  • BillyWarhol said....

    oh god - Hilarious!!

    Remindz me of my early Scrappin' Daze on Flickr!! They have the same Asshole Asswipes operating as Admins + Censors there! Only difference is a lot of the Time U don't know Who is Gunning for U, What the goddam Charges are + nor do U get a Chance to Defend yerself against said Charges!

    Frigging Flickr Kangaroo Court!!

    Keep Rocking Chilly I'll seeya in Hell for a few Cold Beers!!

    ;)) Peace*

  • The Bobo said....

    Wow! I had no idea! I guess its a good thing I never go out on the forums! Whew! Excellent Rant!

  • Sandra Cobb said....

    I've never been in a forum yet that didn't have at least one trouble maker that got my blood pressure up. I try to avoid them now. Venting is good. Let it out!

  • glam said....

    Hi Chilly,

    Nice rant, lol! Please do come join the other Firestormers at the Batcave (Superficial's forum)!


    Look forward to seeing you there! :)


  • VH said....

    I avoid the Entrecard forum and don't intend to ever participate in it either. I like Entrecard for introducing me to new blogs and that's all I'm interested in.

  • CyberCelt said....

    Okay, now tell us how you REALLY feel. LOL

    I usually lurk on forums, do not even let my online status show, for just these reasons.

    I have been a mod on some big forums and I stopped about two years ago. Either you have no guidelines and you just moderate blindly, or you cannot do anything except delete spammers.

    I do not know what's going on with EC in many ways. They are deleting members for fraud clicks and yet, when I report bogus widgets, I never hear anything back.

  • DineometerDeb said....

    Ok that spelled out what the whole fuss was about a little clearer than the the bits and pieces I have read elsewhere, not knowing who was involved and what went on. So thanks for clearing that up.

    I still think Entrecard can screw up their business whatever way they see fit, and I guess we can post forum comments elsewhere.

  • The Webloglearner said....

    This is "chilly" hot post huh! I was not a member yet when this stuff happened and i don't have any idea about. It just read around what people are saying and now, i am expecting to read what exactly happened to those/or that entrecard forum/s to see the real picture. I do hope to read the stuff from both views as well and not only the criticisms of the result of that forum. I have to admit it intrigued me to death! ^_^

  • Zandranna said....

    Oh Wow, Chilly matie. It's a long time since I've seen a rant from you.

    As you know I am not a member of Entrecard due to Yuku's limitations, but it certainly makes me wish I was just to go read what this is all about.

    You know how I hate to miss out.

  • chilly said....

    Hello everyone and thanks for your comments.

    Glam, thanks for the invite, but I thnk I'm going to hold off on posting in forums a little while. They just aren't worth it to me anymore. I may post in Support if a problem is big enough. Other than that, I think I'm going to go back to the blogging and dropping side of Entrecard.

    Hi Sandy! Great to see you again!
    Nothing there to see anymore. They deleted and closed down the new forum.
    Been wondering if maybe the fact that the main forum was going dead with all the posting in the new forum was a huge reason with that forum getting closed down. ;)

    Now the forums at Entrecard is mostly cheesy and lame threads. They can have it!

  • Elle said....

    Wow Chilly!
    Makes me glad I've stayed away from the forums, and to have both you and Monkey up in arms about this, is a leading indicator that I'll continue to stay Switzerland!

  • ettarose said....

    Chilly, I love how you speak your mind. Never change. I love entrecard and will not leave it. I do not spend a lot of time on the forums other than to ask advice. Believe me there are other forums out there that do the same thing.

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