Entrecard seems to still be broken.

So it looks as if we have the day off. Maybe they should look into a new host. Just don't know what the problem is this time.

Hope all enjoy their Sunday. :-)


  • Graham Langdon said....

    the problem is Amazon which is down.

    unfortunately, amazon is one of the only providers of infinitely scalable storage, and they're supposed to be reliable. ah well

  • Atniz said....

    I was just about to tell you the same thing what Graham have commented here. Wow.. you got Graham to comment on your blog.

    Trust me, this is the first time I have ever seen Graham Langdon comment on other's blog. Maybe, I don't really read comments...

  • Vince said....

    Yeah, Amazon S3 wreaked havoc all over the web today. Twitter avatars are still repopulating, especially in API call applications.

    I've been watching this service degrade over the past few months. It started with video feeds and culminated in this disaster.

    So much for infinite scalability.

  • chilly said....

    Hey guys and thanks for stopping by. :-)

    Atniz, I think Graham may have just made a bad move back at wrong_turn.com and ended up here. Everyone knows men won't ask for directions. ;)

    The ONLY one, Graham??? Dang, that has to sometimes be bad. Well, what can you do then, but just wait it out. But I knew it wasn't Entrecard because that Amazon kept popping up in my browser on a lot of different sites. But just didn't know exactly what.

  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    Hey Chilly- you're famous now cuz Graham left a comment on your blog. The awards ceremony is tomorrow night and grand prize is a gazillon credits! ;) ;)

    Yeah, I missed the EC outage because I was at church all day. I was totally oblivious until I read your comment on my blog (thanks for that, btw!). I'm glad I missed out on all the non-fun!

  • Dan Blackburn said....

    Seems to be back up and working fine now.

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