Do you use Comcast for internet?

Well, if so then you could be one that just might hate reading this.

Just heard on the news tonight that Comcast is going to start putting a limit on downloads for each month. And if you go over the limit, you will be charged more for it on your bill. Now this don't really bother me to much because I don't download a lot. But I can see it might effect people who enjoy downloading music, videos and games.
But I also don't see it's right for Comcast to start doing this because you pay them for the service and then you can get punished for using it.

Anyway to drain that extra dollar out of people is the way to do things these days.


  • bintang4 said....

    Uhhh..that is one desperate move..
    I'll be damned if my ISP doing this..my average downloads are 8gb per day :)

  • Anonymous

    It's a situation we have commonly in the UK. We pay a lot extra for unlimited download.

  • Ginny said....

    It seems like we are going back to the days of dial up ~ having 40 hours & then paying for each minute after that.

    I hope the other companies don't follow Comcasts leads, we are still using DSL from SBC.

  • Leet said....

    Nice post
    Anyway would you add my blog into your blogroll (exchange link) please...


    Cheers - Leet

  • MamaFlo said....

    Are you serious? I don't have Comcast but just hearing this means that the company I use could come next and I wouldn't be happy about this at all.

  • J. C. said....

    Maybe they have seen how does it work in Bosnia, that's where I'm from - it's all about the limitations.

  • Lux said....

    Yeah, we read about it, and we have Comcast. :-/

  • DineometerDeb said....

    Why don't I see your entrecard?

  • chilly said....

    @ DineometerDeb, you still not seeing it? I can see it but will look more into it. Thanks for saying something about it!

    @Leet, Yes, will go do it after I leave this post. Thanks!

    Comcast seems to always do the wrong thing against the customers. And getting any services from them is as bad as getting a tooth pulled. But this is truly no good with what the internet already costs.

    Hello and thanks all for stopping by! :)

  • DhoyM

    I don't use comcast but it doesn't sound right to me.

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