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If you read my last blog post, you know that I tried to install CommentLuv and it turned out to be such a pain, I had to take it back out. Well, I knew CommentLuv works because I had already looked at other Blogspot blogs that have it installed. But no matter what I did, it just wouldn't work on mine with problem after problem kept coming out.

As I was taking CommentLuv off, the more ticked I got with it because I hate with a passion when scripts beats me. And the more I think on one, I will always jump on one until I get it figured out. And I think I like it when something pushes and fights me. Makes me mad, but I still like it too. I sat here and looked at this thing a long time this evening, so in a way, I have already started working on this one.

I went to one of my other blogs that is more in the line of just a plain Blogspot template. I haven't added very many extras to it other than borders and colors. So I jumped in and installed CommentLuv and it worked fine the first time out. So this pretty much tells me that there is something added on this blog that is working against the scripts of CommentLuv. Now here comes the fun. I have to find out just which script that may be that is causing the problem.

Really I have added a lot of stuff to this blog. Some things I don't need like the calendar date on post, the first drop letter in post, some of the widgets, etc... But I get bored with templates and have to play with them. But I have noticed it is starting to effect loading time and from time to time, some of the scripts installed on this blog has made me work on them when I really didn't want to. And lately I have been thinking, do I want fancy or do I want what works the best. Maybe CommentLuv came along at the right time to make me step back and really take a good look at On The Bricks.
So I guess my next step is to study what I want and what I can do without and make a change in this blog for the better and also if I really want to use CommentLuv bad enough.


  • Margaret said....

    Yeah scripts can be a blessing and a bane that's for sure! Finding which ones aren't playing right with each other is a huge challenge, too and I don't envy you the joy of figuring this one out.

    Good luck my friend!


  • twinks said....

    I too want Commentluv so badly. I tried installing it in my blog but it didn't work. I admire you for your patience when it comes to scripts. Well, goodluck..and when you do get the trick on how to make commentluv work in blogger, please do tell me :] thanks in advance

  • Andy Bailey said....

    oh dear I hope commentluv didn't bring you too much stress. I know how it can be trying to get something that is supposed to be simple to work as it says. You can do everything right and it still wont play nice with others (imagine how frustrating it was to make it work with 6 different blog platforms!)

    I do think you're right that maybe another script is the reason it wont behave here. I have had a quick scan and there is only one error showing and thats your twitter app saying exceeded so that should be it.

    I see bloggerbuster uses the prototype library which is sometimes responsible for tripping up jquery. that would be my first check-once-removed item

    if you do need help you can contact me via my forum, if you need a quick response you can use the PM function which sends me an email. I'm usually in front of a pc unless I'm sleeping or on an errand so I can usually respond quick enough

    failing that, skype has been a great way to get instant help. My skype name is teamplaylotto.com which is my voice only skypephone

    thanks for making the follow up post about your efforts and I hope this experience hasn't put you off spreading the luv!

  • Andy Bailey said....

    sorry, I should have said your twitter app error shouldn't be the problem. it is only a json error

  • Daisy said....

    I have been thinking about installing CommentLuv, too, but I am too scairt to try it.

  • Dan_N said....

    Working with plugins can be a frustrating process if something goes wrong. It takes up so much of your valuable time where you can be working on other important things.

  • chilly said....

    @ Margaret, Hi there! Well, if I'm in the mood to deal with scripts, it really doesn't bother me that much. I like it when scripts challenge me. LOL

    @Twinks, Hi! I really don't think I have that much patience. It's just that I am that stubborn when it comes to scripts beating me. ;)

    @ Andy, Hello again! Thanks for the input and offer to help out if I need it. I am pretty sure that I will give it another go, only for the fact it beat me the first time around. ;)

    @ Daisy, Hi! Don't be scared. Just export your template to your PC and if it don't work, you can always import it back into your blog. Your going to have to export your template anyway if you install CommentLuv. It really isn't that big of a job and takes just a few minutes to install. At least that is the case with my other blog. :)

  • chilly said....

    @ Dan_N, Hi and good to see you stop in. Yeah, you are so right about that. I have spent hours doing something, just to turn around and take it right back out because I didn't like as much as I thought I would. ;)

  • eyeman said....

    ehm..i already use it for some blog. Its cool and i like this plugin. :)

  • Lady Banana said....

    I'd also like to use it, but don't think I'd have the patience to fight with it.

    I've done quite a few things on my template and half of them I don't even remember what they are!

  • hosting coupons said....

    I've been using this plugin for over a year now and I have to say that it is definitely the best plutin that you can use on a blog. I have it on one of my old blogs and even posts that over a year old are still getting comments.

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