Hey Lady, smile for the camera.

This my friends is my wife, Wanda. And she's the author of 1 Bog and 2 Sides....
That is her picture that made the local newspaper here. She's been working each day at the advanced voting polls, then we both will be working on Tuesday during the elections. Wanda is also the manager of our local polling location. A job I sure wouldn't want. ;)
13,828 of 33,885 registered voters in Barrow County have already cast their ballots.
You can read the story HERE.


  • Lady Banana said....

    Even though I'm not in US I can't wait to find out who wins.. it's the most exciting election ever!

  • Daisy said....

    Thanks to all the election workers who work so hard to make everything run smoothly. It must be a hard job!

  • Margaret said....

    Hi there! And thanks for working that thankless job you two!

    Hey Chilly -- I like the new look!


  • Melissa B. said....

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