Anyone downloaded the Firefox 3.0.4 yet?? Just got notice for it tonight and studying if I want to download it or not. And wanting to know of any surprises when I can before I do downloads. I just got 3.0.3 to my liking and hate to make big changes to it now. ;-)

And do you hate that Smart Location Bar that drops down everytime you type into the browser as much as I hate it??? I just found a way tonight on how to disable the not so "Smart" thing. :-)
If you'd like to disable it,then follow this LINK. A very simple how to do it and only takes a minute or two and your done.


  • Daisy said....

    I do not like that bar thing, either! Thanks for the link to remove it.

  • Margaret said....

    I don't think I've noticed it to tell you the truth.

    I have updated to 3.0.4 and have noticed it loading quicker. The previous version seemed to me to be rather loggy.


  • fragileheart said....

    I haven't downloaded it as yet. I'm still working on getting my computer back to where I want it (I just reformatted). Hopefully it'll be a good one.

  • chilly said....

    Hi Ladies! :-)
    Well, the download slipped in when I rebooted. And I can't say anything is different than before except like Margaret says, it does seem to be a bit quicker.

  • Sly Hoax said....

    I don't hate the bar, but it does seem to be too slow for my liking- I'm using version 3.0.4. Also, it doesn't do the best job of picking out the url that I really want, I have a lot of subdomains to visit.

  • Lady Banana said....

    I have the 3.0.4, it seemed to do it by itself.. and so far is no difference..

  • Anonymous

    Firefox up-graded by itself, I see no change. And yeah that "smart" drop down menu thingy was a total pain in the ass. it so happened that my brother called me last week to see if I knew how to get rid of it and that prompted me to see what I could find out. Answer was simple, stupid thing is deactivated. Yea!

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