Hey Yo! What's your hurry......

I guess I start wondering this every year just before Halloween. What's the hurry to rush Christmas getting here??? LOL! Ha! It comes quick enough as it is already without rushing it. But I've noticed the last few years that Christmas stuff start coming out with people and in stores before Halloween. Now a couple days ago our town started putting up Christmas lights. Even noticed this at peoples homes too. I know as I was growing up, our family and all I knew would take each holiday as they come. When each one was over, then start getting ready for the next to come. We always pigged out stuffing ourselfs with the Thanksgiving meal around noon or a little after, (oh boy could grandma ever cook a big meal! :-) ) then later that evening we would start putting up Christmas stuff.
We need to slow down and take each holiday in and enjoy! ;-)


  • Ken Armstrong said....

    Chillllly tells it like it is!

    There's some Christmas trees in houses down the road from us - lit-up and all.

    I love Christmas as much as any seven-year-old but Come On!!! :)

  • PaulsHealthblog.com said....

    My wife wants to put up the Christmas tree this weekend!


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