Maybe some things get noticed in due time.

Who knows??? But this don't set just right. A thread over at the Entrecard forums. New Droping Rule.
See, I reported this a morth or so ago, twice on a couple days apart. And still happening to this day. But now maybe it's being noticed that something is wrong.

But now this has me wondering about something else now. Blogs have been and are being rushed to getting deleted for no widget. At least now, people get a warning before deleted. BUT.... A blog will be deleted if not fixed within a time. If a blog falls in this case, how does someone fix their blog if it is not their problem that a widget don't show?? But I'm guessing that blog gets deleted anyway.
Oh well, what's a person to do....... ;)


  • Anonymous

    EC has been good for a lot of blogs but they are now getting downright anal about deleting blogs under the "quality standards". They are even talking about deleting blogs who participate in Wordless Wednesday which is one reason one of the mods left. Graham got EC to where it is on the backs of bloggers and it will be bloggers that destroy EC. The reason being that bloggers are not going to be dictated to as to what they blog about. I'd like to know where the EC credits from the deleted blogs go as if it isn't just a bit obvious. The writing is on the wall for EC. It is just a matter of time before it goes the way of BlogRush except unlike BlogRush who did seem to care about their members, EC doesn't. That comes out loud and clear in the forums. My guess is EC won't last until the new year.

  • chilly said....

    I do hope your kidding about the Wordless Wednesday posts comment. To delete blogs over that would be about the most stupid and silly childish thing they could do.
    But I think most pretty much know who they are behind that if it comes to pass. I mean it's like you have a hand full trying to tell people how they should blog. Doing nothing but feeding of each other stirring drama which they know drama builds traffic just to see what they are up to next. Also what they say is the only way and if you don't like it, then your not anything. Blogs don't have to have rules and don't to be all about making or having ads. Life is way to short and if they live long enough, they'll learn that the dollar bill is not everything in life.
    Can't understand why if you don't like some blogs, why can't you ignore them! It's simple for me to do. But I have been testing something and there's two that can't avoid this blog. Or is it they need that one ec for clicking my widget?? But wait, they hate the idea of dropping and running, or so they say, but I know they can't be reading my blog because my style is garbage to them. LOL! Who knows, huh!
    One thing I have learned is for sure, and that is that bloggers have the most attitudes and opinions of anyone in this world and will not be told what they can or can not blog. So if Entrecard is going to go down the drain, will I guess that is up to Graham. But just incase he hasn't noticed, there's some awesome blogs that have left and there's other very popular blogs talking of leaving. This one also. And we know numbers add up fast and word gets around the internet quick!

  • Daisy said....

    I can't believe Entrecard would delete a blog for participating in Wordless Wednesday. That would be hundreds, or maybe thousands, of blogs.

  • MamaFlo said....

    Entrecard isn't "deleting" the blog, merely deleting it from being on Entrecard.
    I personally believe the enforcement of standards is important for the community as a whole. I don't understand why they would delete blogs for participation in Wordless Wednesdays but I do understand why they delete blogs for having music or commentary.
    I agree with you Chilly that there needs to be a way to IGNORE a blog that you find objectionable since for many reasons it may be personal and not something the EC Community at large deplores.

    I personally enjoy EC and cannot understand why it's being so beat up in the community.

  • Anonymous

    But they aren't proposing deleting blogs from Entrecard because they take part in Wordless Wednesday. It was one person querying what is meant by a quality blog and merely using WW as an example, basically trying to stir things up. It did however bring up a lot of comment about people who use a picture from the internet and rarely have anything else other than paid posts.

    I would love an option to ignore blogs I don't want to visit so that they don't show up in my inbox or searches. I did add my vote to the post about features wanted, because sometimes I drop on the widget before I've registered that it's not a blog I want to see. I almost never recognise the card in advance - a hopeless case!

    Like MamaFlo, I love EC.

  • Margaret said....

    A is correct. Entrecard is NOT going to delete blogs who participate in WW or other meme-type things.

    Read the Quality standards. Those are the things that get blogs warned and eventually deleted. There were a couple of mods who got over enthusiastic about deleting blogs, but things got tightened up and explanations of what is and isn't allowable have been discussed and guidelines for the mods published (just for mods, not generally out there) to help them be more even about deletions and warnings.

    I hope this helps alleviate your worries about WW participation.


  • chilly said....

    Oh I know Entrecard can't delete our blogs, but only from the Entrecard system itself. But I still do think they are going over board with their way of looking at "Quality standards". Not everyone is going to like the same type or style or subject of blogging. Plain and simple, There's enough room for most any blog!

    I haven't done any of the WW posts yet but I do enjoy them. With or without Entrecard, sometime I may start, but I want to get a better camera because I would want to do my own photos.

    I to do like Entrecard. I'm am registered with other blog search systems, but I haven't found near some of the great people and blogs that I have found with Entrecard. And not sure I ever would have found some of you without Entrecard.

    Hi and thanks everyone and as always, nice to see you stop by! :-)

  • Zandranna said....

    It's all ego isn't it. There are a few bloggers over at entrecard that truely believe their type of blogging is the only type of blogging that should actually be allowed.

    I've seen them sneer at people that blog as is a diary and sneer at all round blogs such as Chilly has here. It's absolutely pathetic the way they go on. And basically they make themselves look pratts to the majority.

    Entrecard is meant to be fun, bringing bloggers of all types together. It's not meant to be taken so seriously. Yes it's a pain in the rear when a blog doesn't load, or when someone has there card right at the bottom of a large scrolling page as mentioned in that post you directed us to Chilly, but we do have the choice to click off the page if it isn't loading and we do have the choice not to scroll down hunting high and low for a widget.

    What makes some bloggers think they are so elite that they can try to dictate who's blog is allowed to be on entrecard and who's isn't.

    And I've got news for them. Those that are moaning the loudest have the most boring of blogs ever. Go check out the gobby ones blogs that are mouthing off over there.

  • chilly said....

    Hi Zandranna! Nice to see you stop in. LOL You are so right, But one thing I see is the ones that sneer the most are the ones that just can't stay away from blogs such as this one. ;)

    Also it's bad when someone like yourself, new and sees that kind of stuff going on. Makes people want to stay away from the forums or do as I do anymore, just go and lurk.

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