I've totally messed up On The Bricks and will have to rebuild the whole thing again. Will be back soon. Sorry!

Here's a little tip for all that mess with scripts/codes. DO NOT go near your scripts sheet when dead tired and always keep a back up!! LOL! Now I'm so mad at myself!!
Got home late from working at the Election Polls. Rushed to get some drops done before midnight, and then checked some messages. People were letting me know there were troubles with comments, so what I do, I had to go playing around trying to fix the problem and messed up everything. But come to find out Blogspot broke the inline comments embedded under post. This is happening just on some blogs. But I've had to go back to old style comments for now. So it wasn't my problem to start with. So hopefully I have most back together now. Just a few little things to work out now.

Looks like the embedded comments is working again now. ;)


  • bintang said....

    Hahaaa..what happen to your script?

  • Margaret said....

    Oh man! I feel your pain!


  • Lady Banana said....

    Oh no! Hope you get back up and running soon!

  • chilly said....

    Hi guys! Hopefully I have it back close to what I had. Still working on adjusting this and that a little.

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  • Iris said....

    Hahaa...I agree with you not when your tired or late at night or Near your bedtime because if you get a problem you don't have enough time to get back and figuring it out.

    Love your new look.

  • Shinade said....

    I feel your pain also!! Because I've been there before.

    I wiped out my entire blog once. And guess what even though it was backed up it didn't reinstall with all of my widgets!!

    It's a nightmare. I hope you get everything back in place soon. but, all looks great right now.

    My comment box is messed up also. but, actually I am finding the pop up works quicker...so I will probably just stay with ti!!

    Good Luck!!:-)))

  • Sly said....

    Lol.. I always forget to back up some bit of data when I change my site design...

  • Jon said....

    I feel for you. The same type of thing happened to me when I recently changed my template.

  • Matthew S. Urdan said....

    I really feel your pain...Thanks for giving me a heads up on the blogger thing.

    One thing I have come to realize is if something gets screwed up and I didn't change it, it's probably not my code.

    I haven't been able to drop cards for days now....new firewall at work. I just got entrecard and PW whitelisted so I'm good to go again, but it sure took me a while to figure it out.

    Your site looks fine now, I hope everything's back to normal.


  • Sue said....

    Glad your straightening it out. The embedded comments weren't working for me either. I got an email from someone saying they couldn't comment on my blog. So I went back to the old way for now.

  • chilly said....

    Hi and thanks everyone! I think I now have it all back as it was.

    @Matthew, I saw at the Entrecard forum that you were having a firewall dealings at work. I'm glad to see you've got it worked out. It's nice having you around with us! :-)

  • Lisa said....

    Hey Chilly!! I just wanted to give you huge thanks for having my blog for the November pick.. I just noticed that. You have made my day!! Thanks so much!!

    PS. I have not forgotten about the award. I have that post half way done :) & I also would like to add a page for my fave blogs so look for it soon... Have a great weekend!

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