Short post tonight, long day tomorrow!

Fixing to go to bed because Wanda and I have to get up around 4:00am to be at the polls by 5:30am to get voting polls open at 7:00am. OMG! That tells me just how old I'm getting. LOL! I remember back when I could stay up all night and then work all the next day, then go out that night to. Now when did them days go??? ;)

All day without getting online is going to hurt too. How on earth will I make it though the day?? ;)  O' boy I need a life. LOL! Anyway, It will be a long day working at the Election Polls tomorrow so I'm more than likely not going to get in any drops because I'll be ready to drop by the time we get home.
See you guys Wednesday. Hope all have a great day! :-)


  • Lynne said....

    Give yourself a huge pat on the back, and Wanda too, for volunteering to work at the poles! What a great way to be a part of such a historic event.

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