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I know you heard already about the Wal-Mart stampede that killed one worker and at least three others injured. Everywhere I look I see something about this and still can't believe that people would lower themselfs to doing such a thing as break down doors to a store, then rush in and trample other someone to find a sale.
Makes me wonder just how low a person these days will go for a dollar. Who people are charged for doing this and it haunts them every day for the rest of their lifes.

Read tonight a story about where a cardboard figure of a man held cops at bay for 90 minutes at a bank. The cops used a bullhorn and even tried to call inside the bank on a phone to contact the person. With no answer from inside the bank, a SWAT Team entered the bank to only find a life-size cardboard figure.
LOL! Did these cops not notice the figure didn't even move or do anything well before 90 minutes time??
I don't believe Barney Fife and Goober could have been that lame. ;)

Seems a couple were caught at the
Minneapolis Metrodome having sex in the men's restroom. Someone had spotted them and went to the cops about it. The cop checking it out said that when he got to the restroom, there were 15 others standing around the restroom stall cheering the couple on. Police say the woman had been drinking and didn't know how she got there. Both her and the man were drunk and uncooperative.
They both were charged with a misdemeanor indecent conduct. Later she was released to her husband and the man released to his girlfriend.
LOL! How in hell do you get that drunk and still able to have sex???

Makes one wonder what's in store for this old world's future, huh! LOL!


  • MamaFlo said....

    The saddest part about the Walmart issue (second only of course to the person dying) is that probably no one is going to take responsibility, each person will blame someone else and they will no doubt do something stupid like that again.

    The cardboard man debacle really is embarrassing.

    Why would you want to have sex if you're so drunk you can't remember whether it was good or bad or in the case of the married woman that got caught porking another man and was released to her husband - I'd want to at least remember sex that got me in such deep shit.

  • Rebecca said....

    Hoh boy, don't get me going!!! I'll blow a gasket.

    Hey thanks for hosting my widget and link on your site. WOW! I've been hoping for this day. December is one of my favorite months, too. (((chilly)))

    Hey, by the way, we tried out your wife's Cranberry Orange Relish. Oh my gosh, that stuff is phenomenal. You are one lucky man, Chilly.

    P.S. You asked for snow; I'll seewhat I can do to send it your way. Maybe all our politicians can face the south and start blowing the air around again... oh wait, that's hot air they blow around-- that'll melt the snow... I'll try to think of something else. ;)

  • LadyBanana said....

    Just what I've been thinking, what in hell is this crazy world coming to?....

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