Are you one.......

 That's always wanted your own island??
Think it would be kind of fun.
This one is pretty nice.
With no neighbors living tight against you.

Still want an island????? 
umm..... Wonder if I could get internet there??? ;)


  • nicole said....

    I want that first little island, with the cute white house. But, um, only if I can get still go online. ;)

    Have a good night, Chilly!

  • Exotic photos from Borneo said....

    nice collection

  • LadyBanana said....

    Would be nice, if there was internet and running water..

    Have to have sharks around so no one could come over uninvited!

  • Jessica said....

    I do, I do! LOL

  • Rebecca said....

    I really like the second one. Internet or not, I want an island!!!

    You made me *sigh*. Ahhhh.

  • Ohio Real Estate said....

    I've been to many islands and have seen the devastation caused by hurricanes and tropical storms, so count me out... I like visiting though. Nothing sucks more than getting jolted out of bed in the middle of the night by Moby Dick and lightning bolts.

  • Tina said....

    i think it would be nice, but the reality would kick in and it would be well scary at night lol

  • chilly said....

    LOL @ BananaLady! Good comment! lol

    @ Rebecca, you better have internet. How else will I keep contact with you. lol

    Moby Dick?????? Ackkk! I ain't got enough food to feed him!

    Hi everyone! great pleasure to see you stop in! :-)

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