Just think it's time, at least for a good break for a while.

Thanks to everyone that has visited my site and I look forward to more time for visiting and reading yours.


  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    *cries* :( EC won't ever be the same without you, man. I hope you come back sometime.

    I'll still see ya around for sure. Don't be a stranger at my blogs, either, OK?

  • chilly said....

    Hi There Mrs.Mecomber!!
    Oh I'll still be around. And I'll have more time for reading. And you better believe I'll be visiting your blogs! (((HUG)))

  • Anne said....

    I think I lasted about a month with EC - it was more work than any other aspect of my blog!

  • nicole/inspire political discourse said....

    Chillllly........*sigh*. Well, I will still visit you daily! :)

  • MamaFlo said....

    I'm still coming back too - I'm so sorry to see you leaving EC, everyone will miss you.
    It is a great deal of work and I agree that it takes the ooomph out of blogging somehow.

  • Bas - Istanbul Expat said....

    Just decided to quit myself. Not removing my Entrecard yet, as it would be unfair to advertisers.

    I wrote a lengthy post about why I quit Entrecard. I have 8 reasons ;-)

  • chilly said....

    Hi Anne, Nicole and MamaFlo! (((HUGS)))
    Sweet to see you stop in and I will be stopping by your blogs for sure. No way I can forgot many of the blogs I've found on Entrecard. :-)

    Hello Bas! Thanks for stopping in. Many have left lately either by deleted or just up and left. Time is the biggest reason I'm leaving. Time would not be a problem if they would fix widgets to load as they did when I first joined. But I first reported nearly 2 months ago and still nothing except, "That's odd".
    But time is not the only reason I'm leaving. And there's also a question in the management of Entrecard. Which I said in comments in a couple of posts below this post.
    And I love the community of Entrecard, but the BS in the way it's run kind of out weighs the good.

  • Michael Wong 38 said....

    Hi there, a while ago we had talked about exchanging blogroll links.

    I was supposed to get back to you after I linked to your blog so you could link back.

    I linked to your blog already. When you have some time, please link back ok?

    cheers, michael wong at:


  • Ana said....

    What happened that so many people are leaving EC these days? Hope to see you around! ;-)

  • Matthew S. Urdan said....

    This sucks...I hope you'll continue to read my blog. EntreCard is a lot of work and with two blogs now I'm finding it harder to devote the necessary time.

  • trench said....

    yes, I took a backseat with EC card as well. I drop on my favorites and thats about it. I may stop all together soon as well. IT just doesn't seem worth it.

  • Stephan Miller said....

    I have slowed down my own Entrecard use and may be saying by soon also. Entrecard does take some time.

  • Lynne

    I'm also sorry to see you go. I do agree it takes a large chunk of time, but I feel rewarded by the number of very good blogs, including yours, that I've found.
    Good luck to you! :-D

  • LadyBanana said....

    I'll still be dropping in EC or not.

    I still use EC but don't take it too seriously, sometimes I don't drop for days then others I might drop 20 or so, not a lot but who cares, I take it at my own pace, it is not a competition!

  • chilly said....

    @ Michael Wong 38,
    Hello! I'm sorry if I over looked doing your link. I have now taken care of it. Thanks for the exchange and reminding me of it.

    @ Ana,
    To much to list here. ;-) But you can learn a lot from just hanging out reading the Entrecard forums.

    Thanks everyone for stopping in. I've has the pleasure getting to know a lot of you and always a huge pleasure to see you stop in and me stopping in on you which I will keep stopping at many many blogs.
    And who knows, maybe in the future I will start using Entrecard again, MAYBE!

  • Majik2903 said....

    Entrecard won't be the same with out you Chilly, I will still stop in and read your blog even if you are not affiliated with EC. I can't blame you after reading all about what has happened the past few days on EC. Sometimes websites have to go through growing pains though. See you around Chilly

  • Liza said....

    it's sad that you're leaving. i hope you'd still visit us because we will surely miss you ;)

    take care chilly

  • chilly said....

    Thanks Majik! Not sure the Management of Entrecard would say the same thing. ;-)
    I will admit it's felt funny not dropping the last couple days. Almost as if I'm doing something wrong. lol

    Hi Lisa, Yeah, I'll be making visits. I have bookmarks of the great blogs I've found and will surely be visiting. :-)

    Gee, you guys make it hard to leave, although I really kind of am still around. ;-)

  • Shinade said....

    Oh my I am still going to keep you in my favorites so that I can visit you. I may not always leave comments but I always enjoy reading your post.

    I hope you will drop by and see me some time also. And I know how you feel it is very tiring and time consuming!

    I really do wish you would reconsider. I really really do!

  • chilly said....

    Hi Shinade! Thanks and good to see you stop by.

    Yeah, I am or have been, but shhhhh!! Don't tell anyone. LOL

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