Guitar update

Where to start...... Had another lesson Wednesday night.
hmm, Wednesday to Wednesday seems to really come quick now. LOL

He seem to be happy with how far I had came with it, but I'm not to sure I am. Still having a bit of trouble with the "C" chord. My fingers are short and large and trying to put 1st finger on 1st fret and get 3rd finger on 3rd fret is a bit of stretch while not touching another string. All he says is keep trying, keep practicing, keep trying, keep practicing, and I will get it. Yeah, I know this will not happen over night, but this one chord just don't feel possible to ever get. But I'm not giving up.

Thursday morning I had to take my guitar up to the music shop. He noticed Wednesday night that the strings were to high on the lower section of the neck. So he adjusted the neck and the bridge, now the strings are same height all the way up the neck.

Anyway, Wednesday night he gave me three more chords to learn, plus work on going from one chord to another while strumming. This other set of chords don't seem to hard to do, but WOW, I do know the first set of chords he gave me now, can't do them good and quick, but now I have much more. Feels as it's getting all piled up around me before I'm ready. Just not comfortable with it.
One other thing worries me is I'm just not getting comfortable with this guitar. He tells me the guitar needs to be comfortable when holding and playing. It's not, just feels to awkward. But it's what I have and hoping that it will get better.

I remember the teacher told me the first night I met him, that I'm going to get mad at the guitar and even myself at times. Yeah, I have already seem them times. Just the other night I was practicing, a thought hit me. The only thing wrong, is that I don't own a big enough hammer to destroy this guitar good enough. And how much this guitar would be a good piece of firewood ;)
But all in all, I'm enjoying learning to play it and don't see ever giving it up. :-)


  • Anonymous

    I took lessions years ago..I learned to play "blue eyes crying in the rain.. I gave it up.. wished today that I hadn't ..stick with it, you'll be gald ya did.we live longer by keeping active minds...

  • Mike Golch said....

    I agree with anonymous,just keep plugging along.when I was a teenage my neighbor tried to teach my how to play ,I never got the fingering right and gave up. maybe that is why I took up the Hammered Dulcimer,

  • chilly said....

    Hi guys and Thanks! No, I can't see I'll ever be giving up. I enjoy it to much. I just have to keep digging until I get it. :-)

    You guys could always pick it up again too. :-)
    Thanks for stopping in. Always a pleasure to see you.

  • Mrs Mecomber said....

    I'm amazed you can even type for your blog! When I started, my fingertips were so sore I couldn't type for anything.

    Keep up the progress! You'll have to record yourself sometimes and upload the audio so we get to hear you ROCK.

  • chilly said....

    Hi there Mrs.Mecomber!
    Well, it may have something to do with I don't know how to type. LOL! Really! I type with two fingers but I can say I'm pretty fast with those two fingers.
    Yes, my fingers do hurt bad all time now and my finger tips are pretty sore, but not as bad as I thought they would get by the way the teacher told me they would get. I'm thinking just maybe something to do with my woodworking. Because handling wood a lot does toughen up your hands. The wood will even dry out my fingers and at time they get so dry the skin cracks if I don't use a lotion on them. So I think maybe the woodworking has helped on that part. But I don't use my fingers on wood as I do on the guitar strings and that's what has made them hurt. Just guessing.

    An audio of me rocking??? ummm, I ain't got me that fer down that there road yet, ya hear me??? LOL ;-)
    Pleasure much in seeing you stop by! :-)

  • Sue said....

    That's great your learning the guitar. I always wanted to learn to play an instrument but never did. My daughter has been taking paino lessons and really enjoys those. Good Luck! :)

  • Theresa said....

    You know what I did when my fingers got too painful? I used my right wrist and practiced making the chords on it! It won't be long before your fingertips are tough though.

    It sounds like you're doing great - keep going!

  • Anonymous

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