Uh oh, Battle of the Logos...

Even more embarrassing than having your host attempt to give a blind guy a high-five on national television? Having your name associated with a stripper contest, according to the morally upstanding producers of American Idol.
Apparently, it's a fine line between bikini girl and amateur exotic dancer.
FremantleMedia, which owns the Idol franchise, has filed a federal lawsuit against an Austin strip club over its three-month-old "Stripper Idol" contest, which awards $500 per week to its most well-endowed exhibitionist patrons.
The suit, which aims to stop the Palazio Men's Club contest from continuing, as well as collect on its profits, claims the R-rated strip-down is a trademark violation that tarnishes the good reputation of the TV juggernaut.
Fremantle further claims the club's publicity for the Thursday night event—T-shirts and print ads—uses a logo too similar in "color scheme, design and font" to American Idol's and may further confuse people into believing the show is an actual endorser of the contest.
"Defendants are infringing upon FremantleMedia's trademark rights," the suit states. "There is a substantial likelihood that consumers will be confused, misled or deceived as to the sponsorship...of the defendants' stripper talent contest."
Club operations manager Scott Stevenson, meanwhile, denied that the contest bore any resemblance to the show and said that while he has no plans to stop the event, which has grown in popularity thanks to the lawsuit, he will, if necessary, change the logo.
Not that he thinks he should have to.
"I didn't know you could copyright an oval."

I don't believe this is just a question of an oval. Plain to see the font and colors are the same as the American Idol logo. ;)


  • Sandi said....

    He definitely blatantly copied it...but the idea that someone would get confused or think it was supported or part of the show, well is retarded. Would someone really think that? haha

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    From the image for American Idol, it sure looks like it is a registered trademark. I don't know what was filed in the registration (nor am I a lawyer dealing with this), but it sure looks like a trademark infringement from my view point.

    That said, I suspect the publicity has been great for the Austin club, and they can easily change the name and logo and come out ahead.

    Personally, I'd suggest something like unidle strippers.

  • BillyWarhol said....

    I Hope Paula Abdul will be Stripping there!! ;PPP

    + I have the HOTS for Kristi Lee Cook from the last Idol!! Mano Mano was she ever HOT!!

    Actually I'm more concerned with making sure Larry Flynt of HUSTLER + Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild + the rest of the PORN Industry receive their rightful $5 BILLION Dollar Bailout for all the HARD work they've done keeping Americans + dare I say Canadians Happy + UPbeat during these trying times living under the Politically Correct Holier-than-Tho Failed Religious Regime of George Dubya Bush!!

    ;)) Peace* OBAMA SEXY TIME!!!!!!

  • trench said....

    This guy is a moron. Its so obvious its pathetic.

  • ettarose said....

    Please! Not a rip off?

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