Look out Mac users....

Many Mac users have this thinking that Mac is safe from attacks. Well, seems like not at this time. I'm guessing no computer is safe when there's always someone out there working to find ways into your computer. Which I have never understood why anyone can't find something better to do with their time.
This time Mac gets hit with a BitTorrent-embedded malware.
If your running a Mac, you can read more about this HERE.


  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    Agreed. Macs are safe only because Macs have been ignored, because they are on the sidelines in the computer market. Just like how folks touted Firefox as "safer" than Internet Explorer at first, until FF got more popular. Now, FF has as many security updates as IE! And I regret to say, FF doesn't have as much talent in patching stuff like Microsoft! lol!

    Good post. I don't have a Mac, but if I did, I'd be reading about the security breaches. Well, I'll read anyway cuz I'm curious like that.

  • RetroKimmer said....

    Get a sonic firewall peoples
    Hey Chilly gave you a little blogger award on RK tonight hope you like it! Love your newsy posts! I do tech support at the big cable company and we read you at work.

  • chilly said....

    Hi Mrs.Mecomber! You read anything?? Well, Have you been reading all the times that I ask you to share some of all that snow your hogging up there?? I still have no snow, Thank you! :P lol

    Hi RetroKimmer! Thank you for the award! And thank you much for being a reader! That's cool!

    Thanks guys for stopping in! Always a pleasure to see you!

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