Are you a Twitter user?

Maybe a big question to most is, WHY?
Is Twitter just a numbers game to you? Seems at times that people are only after how many followers they get collect. At least that's the kind of twitter post I see a lot of. My biggest question about Twitter I have is, when you have hundreds of followers, how do you follow all those people?
A while back, there was a movement on Entrecard about following other Entrecard members. And yes I fell right in with many others on this. But I have many times wondered why I did. There's been a few that I have followed because I am interested in them. But I did go ahead and followed back any Entrecard members that followed me. I once had a bunch more followers not on Entrecard that followed me that I have no idea why me. Because when I look at their blogs, they are all about money and marketing. Something that I most less care about. So that is one thing that makes me wonder if it's all about a numbers game because these people have thousands of follows and followers.
Twitter has gotten very boring to me. Yeah I do set and lurk on Twitter much but rarely ever post on it anymore. Most Twitter post are nothing more than an ad about money, marketing, or how to get million zillion trillion followers.
Now I have only a couple hundred followers and I still can't follow them all. Some I don't even know who they are and never seen before until they followed me.
Many times I don't understand what Twitter is for. Headline above the post box says, "What are you doing?".
Well, that confuses me at times because I see people posting what their doing and I do the same thing, then you have people complaining about that is spamming. Maybe I'm missing something big.
Oh well, what do ya do! :-)


  • Daisy said....

    I use TweetDeck, and have groups for my Animal Friends and my Pals so I can isolate the ones I really like to follow or talk to on a regular basis. The others are in the All Friends column, and I just watch it streaming by on TweetDeck in case something interesting comes up.

  • Zandranna said....

    People can moan all they like about those of us that use twitter for what it was actually created for in the first place, and that's doing short blogs, or status updates.

    I use mine as a status report for my friends to keep up with as I go through my day. Yes I do have my blog post urls auto added to inform my friends when I have posted a new one so they don't have to continuely visit my blog waiting for a new post.

    I probably post a blog once a fortnight so the odd auto update of that is a very small percentage of my actual tweets.

    I only follow a handful of people that I know either personally on the web or in real life. I am not interested in what strangers are doing.

    Apart from my friends following me I do get strangers that are in it for commercial reasons and if they want to clutter their twitter with my mundane life doings then they can. They soon stop following me when they realise that I am not following them and have no intention of buying anything they sell. My followers of that type come and go.

    I have the twitter gadget on both my facebook and my Yuku profile so that my updated status shows on all. I find twitter great fun simply because I do keep it simple.

    You will always find those that have to turn a fun system into something serious and then get stroppy when people use it for the fun it was created for.

    Some of us could equally moan about those that twitter with absolutely nothing but urls to their blog or those that use if for commercial purposes.

    And anyway if they didn't follow us in the first place then they wouldn't be reading our "boring status updates (spamming)" - No one is forcing them to read.

    Quite honestly Chilly it doesn't matter if you have thousands of follwers as long as you only follow the people that you find interesting.

    Whittle the list of people you are following down to those you truly are interested in and then perhaps it will once again become fun to you.

  • dawn said....

    I'm a bit bewildered by it too -
    At first it was readers of my blog requesting to follow me ...
    Not it's spammers.
    I click on their profile to check out their blog, and it's a "get rich quick" site, or trying to sell me something.
    The first week I was into it.
    Now I peek at it maybe once a day, if that.
    I just don't know about it :-(

  • Robert Barry said....

    I'll be a twitter user if you tell me, and I really need to know this because I'm ike. old, and I only get one more guitar, whether you think the forward bracing on the new Martins muddies up the tone or makes is big and bold. I've tried both, and I like the old back scalloped bracing, but I'm not trying to fill an auditorium, either. I hate the binding that lesser makers put on the edge of the fingerboard, too. What do you think? Those frets are so smooth, it shifts so good, what more do you want? So here's my problem: above about $2,500 it seems that the more Martin you buy, the less Martin you get. Oh, and I'll click on the bird if you tell me how. But this guitar thing is big! And I didn't even raise the Indian Rosewood issue. Please help! You have a very good blog, by the way.

  • Shinade said....

    I'm on there but I think mostly just to amuse others. I sign in a couple of times a day. But, I don't have much time to sign in more than that.

    I am too busy trying to make visits. And I like you found out very quickly to check before I simply followed anyone.

    I wound up with a few that were constantly sending tweets that were just about SEO stuff and making money.

    Hey I just thought I am with EC and you did n't follow me. Hummmmmm......well that's life I guess!!

    Happy weekend:-)))

  • Karen said....

    I too have wondered why people want to have all those followers. I only follow people I am interested in.

  • tidymom said....

    I LOVE Twitter and I'm on it daily - check out the post I did on using Twhirl - there's a video I made that shows you how it works

  • Retrokimmer said....

    Chilly use twitter feed to feed your posts into twitter then a ton of people come from twitter to read it. THAT is why you want to use twitter for unique traffic. There are millions of people on twitter not just bloggers. (not that there's anything wrong with bloggers...) Just tons of new readers. Google twitterfeed and follow the steps to feed your blog into twitter.

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