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A Victorian Parlor table. Tried my best to find the exact date on this table, the best I could find was between the mid to late 1800's. The owner is thinking about getting a marble top on it. But we are having trouble finding someone that's willing to do a job this small. Everyone we find wants to sell a whole sheet of marble just to get a small cut out of it. So I just put the wooden top back on and hopefully one of us will some day come across a marble top to fit it. Also it's suppose to have a small wheel on bottom each leg of the table, but the owner didn't want them replaced. It's really fun to work on a piece of furniture this old and bring a useful life back into it.
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  • Mrs. Mecomber said....


    So I see that you aren't spending ALL your time in front of the amplifier, eh? ;)

  • Karen said....

    That turned out beautiful.

  • Carole said....

    Oh that table come out just lovely!

  • MamaFlo said....

    It's gorgeous!!
    I would love to learn to refinish antiques but I don't have enough time now to do all that interests me - how did I ever find the time to LIVE before I retired!!!!

  • HTML Coder said....

    Good antique furniture

  • Indian NGO said....

    A very valuable piece of antique furniture. Valuable not only in the monetary sense but for the sentiments attached to it. A very good job done in reviving some of the lost glory of the table.

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