What a last couple of days it's been...

You ever need a that one guitar you've been eye balling or just need something for your guitar, check out Guitar Center. I've been looking at their website from time to time and found out there is a store near by. I have been wanting to pick up a set of strap locks for my guitar, so Tuesday, we took a trip over to have a look at the place. Oh boy was I ever in heaven when I walked in that store. There were guitars and amps from ceiling to floor all over that store and anything else you could think of to go with making music. Only seen maybe a dozen or so guitars I'd like to have and the amps to go with them. LOL!
Even picked up a few tips to go with my learning to play guitar while I was there. The people were very friendly who worked there too. Plus your allowed to sit and play every guitar in the store if you want. Just tell them which ones and they will give it to you, that simple. Enjoyed my visit there very much and can't wait to go back. ;-)

Bought a new Linksys router yesterday and installed it last night. Works awesome, so my computer is back to normal again. Feels so good to be back online! So last night and today I have been busy a lot trying to catch up from being offline.

This weeks guitar lesson went pretty good. He was happy with where I am with my playing. ummm, so happy that he gave me a CD and said learn to play the song on it. LOL

Plus we had tornado warnings all around us all last evening. Glad to say nothing happened near us and haven't heard of any damage done anywhere yet. Hope there wasn't any either!

So good to see everyone again. lol


  • ettarose said....

    Good news all around! New router, no tornadoes doing well on the guitar playing, keep it up!

  • Emily Retherford said....

    Guitar Center is a totally cool store, it rocks!

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  • Shinade said....

    oh wow I have a post at the bottom of my page that shows where one rolled through and almost demolished a small community right in our backyard almost.

    We are getting our spring weather very early here. I am glad to hear all was okay for you guys.

    Last but not least my oldest Grandson plays guitar. he started with acoustic and got a nice electric with all the fixings for Christmas.

    His brother plays the fiddle and bass!! Of course at 16 and 14 they have dreams og being rock and roll stars.

    I hope you have a good wekend!!:-))

  • Ruz said....

    We recently purchased a Lynksys router and hooked our 3 units to the net. It did wonders!

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