I've Been Tagged.

On The Bricks has been tagged by Lanne over at CROCODILE SOUP FOR THE SOUL.

The rules for this Tag is....
1. Display The TAG (you can download it above)
2. Blog about seven weird facts about yourself
3. Tag 7 blogs in your post
4. Comment on each of the 7 blogs to let them know you tagged them.

1. I get over picky about things being picked up after used.
2. If a job I'm working on don't turn out like I want, no matter how long I worked on it, I'll trash it and start over new instead of fixing it.
3. Have a fascination about anything to do with New York.
4. I would like to try and live anywhere that gets snow every day.
5. I have things I do in the same order every morning after waking up to get my day started. If not, then I feel lost all that day.
6. I have websites that I check out at first getting online every day, each in the same order every day.
7. If someone don't cut the lawn the way I want it, then it's a crappy job. (I don't tell them, but I think it to myself)

I'm going to change things up a bit.
I want to give this award to anyone who has been
a part of On The Bricks by linking, commenting, advertising
or even dropping EC's.

Thanks again to Lanne at CROCODILE SOUP FOR THE SOUL for this Tag!


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