Some Give All!

A soldier's widow watches as her twin daughters receive a U.S. flag during their father's funeral at Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, Va.

I have no words to add.


  • Success With Women said....

    speechless to see those young girl..., hope they will have bright future.

  • Shinade said....

    Oh I have tears. My prayers go out to them and all of us military families.

    My SIL pulled Iraq last year and now it looks as if he's headed to Afghanistan.

    I am asking for prayers. He is also a Desert Storm Vet.

    Oh please dear God just stay with him one more time.

  • Spicybugz said....

    This is so heart breaking. I have no words, but silent prayers for all our men over seas, and for their family and loved ones waiting for them to return.

  • Matt Keegan said....

    The photographer managed to capture a very private, but revealing picture of a family who lost their father.

    The girls are too young to grasp what has happened, but judging by the look of their young, heartbroken mother she'll have a lot to carry for many years.

    Let's pray that her family and friends surround this family with love.

  • Mike Foster said....

    Few things are sadder...


  • Carol @ iPentimento | Genealogy and More said....

    Yes, it is sad, but I didn't know they give the flag to the children. I thought it was always to the widow or the mother.

  • joel said....

    Another family shattered for what? Failed foreign policies have alienated the US and the propping up of dictators in the past have made so many enemies. It's the American people who are left to face the hatred cultivated by meddling.

    Before 9/11 happened, an intelligence report was passed on to the US authorities of the plan to use planes as bombs. Bush did not listen. Perhaps because the information came from our poor country, the Philippines. Loss of so many lives could have been avoided.

    I weep for those who have lost their lives all because Bush was too arrogant to listen or could have allowed it to happen. I just hope the families who are left behind get the support they so greatly deserve. Thanks Chilly for posting this moving photo.

  • ettarose said....

    Beautiful, moving photo. War is not fun, but sometimes a necessity. Please don't hate me for saying that.

  • Ana-Retirement Plans said....

    I have no words to utter too, I know the feeling of how painful it was to lost a father. I know the two kids will be forever proud of their dad.

  • Michelle said....

    These poor girls, how sad for them and their mum.

  • Matt said....

    An American Hero! Nothing more needs to be said, the photo says it all.

  • bintang said....

    Mind if I asking..
    This soldiers, if an illness is a cause of death and not KIA.
    Do they receive a same funeral like this?

  • chilly said....

    Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by.
    @ Shinade, I hope all goes well for him indeed!

    @ Matt Keegan, True. I figure when I seen the photo that those girls are way to young to really understand. Sure they and their mother does have a long hard road ahead of them. I'd hate to be the mother having to explain it to them!

    @ Joel, I too so many times asked "Why".

    @ Matt, AMEN!

    @ Bintang, If I remember right, With this photo was written that the soldiers hummer drove over a land mine, blew up and killed him and three others.
    Good question! I'm not sure if death by illness would get a soldier a military burial service.

  • Mom said....

    That is a very moving photograph.

    To answer the question - any death of any military person will get them a military burial.

    My father-in-law died 4 yrs ago, many years after he retired from the military, and he received a military grave-side service. The firing of the guns was absent, but the military service and the flag were given.

  • mom2bradley said....

    agree with Matt.

    Very moving photo.

    mom2bradley sister to a former us marine.

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