Odd stuff happening with Entrecard.

I've noticed drops have dropped off a bit here. Now that makes me wonder if people are tiring of coming here or people can't drop or people are not bothering to drop because they're so lost on which way Entrecard is going at this time. But I'm more wondering if maybe the drops are not adding up??? Because some are coming up as the old one entrecard.s3.amazonaws.com/adspot/xxxxx , but some are coming up as entrecard.com/apn/advert?spot=xxxxx . I know I'm sure wondering where it's going. How much damage is the update stuff really doing to Entrecard if that's the case!
Couldn't even get into the Entrecard site most of yesterday. Also seeing a lot of black Entrecard logos on peoples widgets instead of the cards that is suppose to be running at the time. So will we lose out because cards didn't run, or get refunded the credits, or what??
Lots of odd questions and no answers or statements from management coming out. Not even the Entrecard blog covers a lot that is happening.

EDITED: Just found pretty much the same thing said over on the Entrecard forums. Can read it here if you'd like. CLICK HERE


  • Daisy said....

    I think it has more to do with stuff not working correctly right now than any drop in visitors or people dropping their cards. I have had the same ad on my site for 2 days now!

  • chilly said....

    Hi Daisy! Good to see you stop by for sure!
    Yeah, I think I have to agree with you. All the odd stuff start happening just when they started the updating.
    Yes, I just found the thread on the forums where you were saying that. Thanks! :-))

  • Shinade said....

    Well I have no clue as to how things have been going as I have not been able to get online and do any drops or visiting.

    I did just read the blog and honestly can't say that helped any.

    Maybe I'll follow your link and peek in at the forums!!

    Happy day!!:-)

  • Carl said....

    Hmm... All of the above. But I like to take my time to read, drop, and comment though. When I see something I don't like, I just drop dead.

  • an old philosopher said....

    Hi Chilly. Thanks for your observations. When I was gainfully employed(the gain was small, mind you), I worked on system overhauls. Sometimes what looked like an easy task grew to something horrible as stones were overturned. Entrecard has a good track record when it comes to the few things they screwed up on me, so my guess is that they are working furiously at the moment but that all will be ok in the end. They really have a great service and I know they want it to be even better.

  • Jon said....

    Drops on me have reduced drastically over the past few days. It must have something to do with the upgrade or could it be that so many people have left that those remaining just aren't as inclined to drop regularly?

  • Lynne said....

    I didn't even drop a 1/3 of my normal drops yesterday due to EC outages. Too frustrating. I think a lot of those who have Today.com blogs aren't dropping because they are having to eliminate their EC widget in the next couple of weeks.
    Big changes for EC, we'll see how it all shakes out. I particularly don't like even being able to see how many clicks my ads are getting or how many are clicking through the widget on my site. That's not acceptable to me and I received a somewhat lame answer to my question regarding that topic at the forum.

  • joel said....

    Hi Chilly. EC I think is testing some scripts that is the reason why the systems has been on the blink. The decrease in drops is because of the outage. I'm sure everything will be back to normal in the next few days.

  • Jennifer said....

    Hi Chilly, I read that the ad drops are all being recorded somewhere else for now, so even though it says zero, we still are getting them. However, according to my google analytics, that isn't the case. The line item for EC ads didn't even appear and my visits from EC itself was way down.

    I'm also not happy they we still don't know anything about how rejecting ads will work. They haven't told us how much notice we will get, if any, before an ad runs so that we can reject it. I've asked on the EC blog comments many times. Either they still haven't figured it out, or it is news we won't like.

    I know you left EC and came back. If this mess doesn't all clear up and work out, I will be leaving soon.

  • MamaFlo said....

    I've been experiencing the same things and as usual I don't think Entrecard is keeping us informed constantly as they claimed they would. If there is one thing that chafes my butt more than anything else, it’s the lack of customer service - did you hear that Graham?

  • chilly said....

    Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! :-))

    Hi Shinade! Sorry to see you haven't able to get online. Hope you get that problem worked out.
    The forum don't help out a lot but now and then one can pick up some useful info.

    Hi Philosopher! I do hope your right and they get it working ok when all is settled.

    Hi Lynne! Yes the outage is very annoying! Lucky I was logged in and could drop from a list and didn't have to go into Entrecard. So times like that, a list is very good to have, but only if you are logged in to Entrecard before it crashes.

    Hi Joel! I have been seeing some stuff after I wrote the post that adds up to a lot of the dropped visits. Hopefully things will pick back up in due time.

    Hi Jennifer! I did see where Phirate did come in and answer a few things. They need someone that can keep us more updated and be more upfront with us on what is coming our way. And I'm sure Phirate has much more on his plate in keeping Entrecard running than to be bothered with answering us, but they need someone that can.
    I too am concerned with the ads myself. And I did leave once and have thought of doing so again. But I will stick around a bit longer to see where it goes. If I don't like it, I'll go again and if I do, I won't be back again.

    Hi MamaFlo! Do you expect anything different these days??? ;-)
    You speaking to Graham now?? lol Forget it, he does not care!
    One thing I have learned a little while back is, there is not that community feeling in Entrecard anymore. Yes, I do very much feel a community within 98% of the blogs. And Entrecard works if you just work the system and leave the forums alone. After seeing some attitudes in the answering from Mods and Admin lately, there's noway I'll bother to post on those forums ever again. It's so disrespectful and rude how members are treated there. Specially after seeing some of the childish and rude stuff I've read posted from Graham! There's nothing anyone could say to me to make me believe he cares about any member of Entrecard.

  • Mystery Man said....

    Good to know I'm not the only one that has noticed a decrease in drops. Luckily for me, it cones as I'm about to cutback a little. I think the reason for the decrease is that many folks that were on Entrevcard used today.com for their blogs and the nerw policy of E-card doesn't agree with their terms, so they no longer support e-card. So, with no card, they can't drop. Still, I'll keep dropping on yours as long as you have a site. :)

  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    About five days ago, I noticed a decrease in drops. It's gotten a little betterm but still not up to where it once was. I think Lynne is right about the Today.com folks. That's awful that they can't participate. :(

    I hadn't heard we were no longer going to be able to track drops on our ads!! What are they doing?!

  • chilly said....

    Hi Mystery Man! Yes I do agree. I think with Today.com blogs leaving and the ads coming out, many that dropped and visited here are gone.
    I have had to deleted a lot of blogs from my list for about a week now because blogs were deleted.

    Hi Mrs.Mecomber! Yes, it is real bad to see Today.com blogs leaving Entrecard. Still don't really understand why something couldn't been worked out. I found many of those I liked reading. But I the ones I enjoyed bookmarked and will still visit.

  • CrAzY Working Mom said....

    Well, I'm just riding it out to see what the outcome is. I've been so busy with life that I've not had much time for dropping. I just don't have a good feeling about the changes coming to EC. We'll see...

  • Matt Keegan said....

    I've had seen a drop off too, but I attribute that to confusion which stems from Entrecard's widget policy changes requiring us to move the placement of our widgets above the fold. Later, it was changed to a one scroll down view, whatever that is.

    Also, when people learned that they wouldn't be allowed to reject ads (another change that was rescinded) that caused more people to leave EC.

    Personally, I don't mind some blogs moving on especially if the bloggers are not keeping their sites up to date. But, I've seen some of the pros leave too, which is a cause for concern.

  • The Hawg! said....

    Oh, there is a lot of anger toward Entrecard these days, to be sure. It seems that every new announcement results in more people leaving the site. That's not good.

    The most devastating thing lately, of course, is the decision of Today.com to ban Entrecard from members' sites (my "secondary" blog is on Today and I'm not happy at all). So we've got even more people who will have to leave.

    If enough people start realizing they can get traffic without Entrecard, that'll be all she wrote for that site...

  • One Creative Queen said....

    Hi Chilly - Nope, it isn't just you. I'm pretty new to EC, having joined around January 1. Even in that short amount of time, everything seems to have changed. It's frustrating and saddening at the same time. Several of my fave blogs have already left...which is a bummer. I still keep up with them, tho.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing issues with the system being down. I thought it was just me! (I stay away from the forums.) I appreciate you clearing all this up and sharing your opinion. It's intersting.

    Take care,

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