On The Bricks turning into a bitch fest???

Here we go again! Am I going to have to turn to playing online games or go back to playing with image making pregrams because I am getting so bored with websites anymore.
Why would people start up sites if they don't want to run them right?? Every site I get into for a while now is either built on lies or broken and buggy software. And if it's not broken, they monkey around with it until it is broken.

Anyone using Facebook?? There's one I started using a while back. They care less about their members, can't get any help or anything fixed on that site. Then they go changing the home page. Works and looks much like Twitter. Millions of people are hating it, but they won't listen to it's members.

Want to talk about Twitter??? Yep, I use it too. It's turned into garbage. Stays broken. I even started a new account because they wouldn't get my other account fixed. Worked good for about two weeks, not it's broken. Not to mention it's getting to be full of ads being twittered. And half the people you follow, won't follow back.

Anyone hang out at forums a lot?? There used to be a forum system called Ezboard. One of the largest systems on the internet. Well, one day they come up and say the software is to old to do anything with it. So they are going to build a bigger system to replace it. This was suppose to be a forum/Myspace/blogs all built together. Something for everyone all under one system and this system is called Yuku. LOL what a joke it turned out to be. More bugs than any site on the internet. And built totally on lies from the start! The user profiles are a copy of MySpace. The forums crash, posts disappear from time to time. They built blogs with not even half the tools you need and is attached to the users profile. They let porn and redirects slip into their ads. Not that's something for your child to see, huh! NOT!

MySpace! May just be that very thing. Just my space on the internet and nothing more. Yeah, I joined it too. Like it pretty good while someone isn't trying to hack into my account. Every few weeks I get message from MySpace telling me someone tried to hack my account and need to change password. But MySpace has gone pretty dead and boring the last few months.

Most all likes music I guess?? Tried Blipfm.com?? Fun site! Ok, it was until it broke. Half my links aren't working and I've been waiting and waiting and waiting somemore for someone to do something about it. Gotten not even any kind of answer back from them.

Entrecard.... Entrewhaaaaaaaaaaaat!! That is what I'm asking myself a lot lately because most of the widgets I see on blogs don't have the card showing. Just a dull black box with Entrecard image along with a green dot and check mark. How boring!
And 16,000 some odd number........ ummm, is that all the blogs there is using Entrecard?????? But I could half way believe this because every day when dropping on my way to 300 a day drops, I run across at least 10 blogs that have left Entrecard or blogs that have been deleted but still showing a widget.

Yeah, It looks like this blog is finding something to complain about all the time lately and it's not the direction I want it to go. But this kind of stuff stays on my mind because I'm getting so bored with sites that act like they could care less. And there's a lot more than I just listed that I could talk about along with more about each that I did list, but.........

I'm starting to bore myself with this subject! ;-)
Until next time...... Good day to you all! :-))


  • LadyBanana said....

    Oh dear Chilly.. I think you need to relax a little ;)

    I know these things can be frustrating sometimes but try not to take it all so seriously.

    How do you mean your Twitter account broke? I've had mine for ages and I can't imagine how you mean "broke"?

  • Grill Girl said....

    Hi Chilly,

    I think there's a huge push to get bigger and better, because online companies think people will drift away and use new sites with new bells and whistles.

    Also, it seems like every time someone has a new and great idea, there are all kinds of posts about how to game the new system. Hop over to this site and do this and that. Suddenly, the new site gets cluttered with junk.

  • Jude said....

    Over the years I have tried many businesses and sites and invariably they never measure up to expectations so I always stop using them, but I always give them time to work out problems. I sit back and chill awhile then I decide.

  • flit said....

    Sad but true...so many online businesses... just like any other, seem to like fixing things that ain't broke (and ignoring what is)

    Gather.com used to be a great site too ... they broked it. Just deliberately broked it.

  • sheila said....

    I think it's a case of "the grass is always greener" - instead of these sties working with their members and keeping them happy, the owners think they can make more money by changing a good thing which hardly ever works. They usually end up ruining what they had and are never able to get it back

  • MamaFlo said....

    Chilly, I concur with just about everything you've said - well thought out post. The general "bitch" I hear is about Customer Service........it's my pet peeve (one of them at least) and I'm afraid it's not going to improve much unfortunately. I personally think it's the mindset of the younger generation - they don't give a rats ass about what you think, it's all about them.
    Oooooh, that felt good, now I'm ready to face the day - LOL!!!

  • Christina thecoffeelady said....

    Have a fantastic Sunday! There is always another day and another site.... Change comes at us so fast now. Don't let it get ya down!

  • an old philosopher said....

    Hi Chilly,
    I get the feeling that, like me, you probably don't have a 401(k). There's always something to be happy about.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh yeah, am with you. I also encountered lots of them. It's disappointing. I hope this will resolve soon.

  • CrAzY Working Mom said....

    Some higher ups on these sites should read this post. I don't think you're the only one that feels this way! I HATE the new FB layout. I worry what will happen to EC. I've not been dropping like I used to, 'cause I don't feel it's worthwhile 'till we know how the new advertising will play out. I am glad I've came across great sites like you thus far, though! :)

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