Wanda's a real pain in the neck!

LOL! Ok, not really. Just having a little fun with the title. But she is having pain in her neck.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening at the hospital having her checked out after her and her mom in her mom's car got hit in the rear by another car while stopped at a traffic light. But thankful it didn't turn out to be the worse damage in her neck. Seems to have just tricked the muscles a bit and they also found she had some arthritis built up that this more than likely flared it up to. So they gave her some muscle relaxers and pain meds.
Those meds seem to knock her out of my way for a bit..... Oooops, did I just say that????? lol I mean they knock her out for a bit so she rest and sleeps good. So asking you guys to keep her in your thoughts and if you pray, maybe throw one out there for her to heal quickly.

One part of yesterday that was funny......  Well, I'll tell you this first. A few days ago, Wanda fell at her mom's house and hit her nose and eye on a table edge. So she already has a small black eye from that.
Well........ She went in to the little room at the hospital yesterday for them to take blood pressure and all the stuff they do to you before you see the doctor. First words out of their mouth was, asking Wanda if she felt comfortable living in her home. Wanda thought the question was because of the black eye, but come to find out, they ask everyone the same question. First we had ever heard of it. lol


  • Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said....

    Sorry to hear of Wand's misfortune. I'm glad she is ok but do keep an eye on it just in case. Hey the hospitals don't fool around anymore if there is even the remote possibility of abuse in the home. I guess they are just trying to be helpful to those who need it but sometimes it comes across as a bit insulting. Anyway, tell Wanda I said hi and hope she feels better very soon. Hopefully she doesn't read that comment about knocker her out otherwise she won't be cooking anything for you :)

  • Shinade said....

    Oh my what an awful week for her. I am so sorry to hear this. Tell her to watch that neck. I was hit years ago and then went to the hospital too.

    At first nothing much showed up. Later I started having some real problems with my neck and back. It turned out that in fact I was suffering the effects of Back lash....I think that's what they called it.

    That was in my 20's and now at 52 I still have the pain in my back from time to time.

    Oh my I hope she will be okay!! Hope you have a good weekend Chilly!!:-)

  • Sandi said....

    yeah I have been asked that before. If you feel *safe* in your home or something. I hope she feels better soon!!

  • LadyBanana said....

    Oh dear, hope she's feeling better soon :)

  • Shinade said....

    I have a little something for you Chilly. I don;t usually pass along awards because to be honest I am always just too darn lazy.

    But, this time I was moved to pass this along.



  • Christina said....

    I hope Wanda feels better soon! Take care! Christina

  • Jean9 said....

    I send out my best wishes for Wanda to feel better real soon.

  • MamaFlo said....

    Make Chilly take care of you real good Wanda, you deserve that ;)
    Pain in your neck, shoulder, and back are the worst!!

    I'd have a problem with medical personnel asking me that without reason.

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