Awesome weekend, then there's Entrecard.

Took a few days offline this weekend because I got a great surprise phone call Friday evening from a friend from back home that I haven't seen in 3 years. We talk on the phone, but haven't seen him. He's a fine friend for 22 years and my best man at mine and Wanda's wedding. He's a long haul truck driver and he got stuck in my area waiting for a load to pick up. Well, his dispatcher having trouble finding him a pick up said it could be Saturday or maybe even Monday before they find something. So he called and we got together and spent the weekend here with us. Had a great time catching up with him. Only thing could have made the visit better, would have been for his wife to been here with him. Maybe next time! :-))


I get back online and find different places, along with in email about Entrecard changes coming. Seeing a few concerns with it, but not seeing some clear answers to my understanding.

What I do see that I don't like at all, but not fully understand, is the parts about 3rd party ads on our blogs. Will our cards be replaced with 3rd party ads on blogs we advertise on or will we use another widget for these ads??

Not liking the fact that Entrecard is telling where we have to put widgets! Yes I do put mine above the fold and always will. But it's our blogs and people should have the say so on how they run their own site.

NOT saying I will leave Entrecard. I want to understand it more and see where this change is going before I say if I leave. Besides I enjoy Entrecard and the people I have met and like the traffic I get from Entrecard. But guess I need to think on how to replace the traffic if I do decide to go.

But, I do not like the idea of running 3rd party ads that I have no control over, or that is not fit for people to see on my blog. And I will not runs ads that makes money for someone else and I don't get my share. And by that I mean it has to be worth the bother on my part.

Also, I never turn down other blogs from advertising on my blog, so the rejecting of any ads don't bother me to much, but I do not see it's right to pay, and I can not see myself ever giving in to doing so for rejecting one if I feel the need to do so.


  • Mike Foster said....

    Yup, it seems like good old entrecard is throwing us all a curve...not sure if it will be good or bad, but I'm hanging in for now...


  • An old philosopher said....

    I think that Entrecard is offering us a chance to put some money in our pockets, money that I sorely need. As I understand it, half the ads presented will be just like the old ones, and half used to meet the expenses of a very useful and unique site.
    I feel that I'll still meet and get to know the interesting people I do, because people drop on me multiple times, just as I drop on them multiple times.
    But the extra money will be nice. In fact, I will probably write more often and try for a higher level of post to attract a wider audience. It seems they are solving a problem for me, how to turn traffic to my site into money.
    An old philosopher

  • Shinade said....

    They just reversed almost every demand Chilly. No more charges for rejecting adds and all they are asking now is that you have the widget within like your first post area.

    So after canceling everything yesterday and making a big post...I find out this morning about the changes.

    So I am back and taking adds again. I guess old time protesting still works.

    How fun about your weekend too. When I ride with Walter we always try to get drive bys to visit family and friends!

    Happy day!!:-)

  • Karen said....

    It looks like they are changing their minds on some things. I have still put my favorite blogs on a list so I can visit if we decide to take down our cards. I just hope everyone has my url's too.

  • chilly said....

    Hi Mike! Yeah Mike, I'm hanging in for a bit myself. Don't want to jump to quick because I still don't understand it all.

    Hi Old Philosopher! The main thing for me is that I will still be able to use it as I do now. Met and exchange with others bloggers as we do now. I enjoy that a lot and don't want to lose it. I don't blog for money and don't care to. My blog is a hobby to me and if I were into making money with it, then I would try much more than Project Wonderful, but I don't want to because then I would have to be more serious. I have enough serious stuff in the real world going on without bringing it to my blog.

    Hi Shinade! I do see some changes now after I made that post. Good to see them coming, but still I want to know about adds. What kind and are they replacing our cards with 3rd party ads or what??? I do not want to change our cards. I love seeing the different designs people come up with. But I have no problem running another ad (not a huge one) on my blog as long as it's clean for everyone to see. But I won't run it for free either.
    Glad to see your still with us too!! :-))

    And yes, it was a lot of fun seeing him. He rarely comes to GA. or at least never closes close enough to stop in. Mostly he travels north and west and rarely south.

    Hi Karen! I agree and I always keep different bookmarked list of favorites to visit on computer plus on different places on the internet.

    Thanks everyone for stopping in. Pleasure to see each of you! :-))

  • Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said....

    I'm just stopping by to say hi. As many know, I removed all of my blogs from Entrecard but I'm still visiting many of my favourite blogs. I love the new colours on your blog! Very nicely done.

  • Phyl said....

    If they're putting third-party ads with our widgets somewhere, then every single Today.com blog (mine included) will be forced to leave Entrecard, because Today.com doesn't allow that.

    Nasty piece of work.

  • chilly said....

    Hello Phyl! Sorry to hear that for sure. I have been seeing that said a few times and I hope something can be worked out for Today bloggers. I have met a few nice Today blogs that I hate to see out of the system.

    Hi Mom's Cafe! Glad to see you stop by! Sorry what happened and it won't be the same not seeing your blogs on Entrecard just as I miss a lot other that used to be around. I did see the mess on the forums and it was sickening to see how just how rude, childish, disgusting and piss poor management the way Graham asked to you. He's going to have to lose this "My way or the highway" attitude if he's going to keep Entrecard going. That stay or leave crap like he don't care about us users will get around the internet quick and nobody will be wanting to join Entrecard. After all, to stay in business, he needs bloggers, we don't have to need him!

    Take care and stop by anytime! :-))

  • ettarose said....

    Stopping to say hi Chilly. I have been with entrecard for about a year and I am not ready to give it up yet. I too am hanging around.

  • chilly said....

    Hi Ettarose! Yep! I think it's much to soon to say give up right now. It may not be so bad, don't know yet. So I'm just waiting to see what it brings us before I say I'll move on without Entrecard.
    Nice to see you stop by. Always pleasure! :-)

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