What the hell!!

New World Order
This is just to far and I'm not sure what to think or really what to say. But I did read about this kind of thing in a newspaper just a few weeks ago and about planting micro chips in us and our ID cards and driving liences coming in the near furture. Now I run across this video on Youtube. And this is just one of many like it on Youtube. And sure I know, Youtube is just like ebay. You can find anything under the sun on those sites. But there has to be some reason I keep running across this type of crap.



  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    Yep, I've been hearing about this for a while. It's true. There's also discussion that the creeps will want to "chip" us people, in order to allow us to buy food or sell stuff. Have you read the Bible, man? It's all in there!

  • Zandranna said....

    Over here all that which is in the video is discussed openly by parliment and by the public. We are already putting our feet down and not accepting this.

    At the moment we are fighting against a United Europe. If we become a United Europe we will no longer be the country of England, we will become a European State. This is totally unacceptable.

    This is why many members of parliment are working hand in glove with the media to bring our Royal Family down. They are working behind the scenes to do everything in their power to remove the Royal Family as the first step to a Republic.

    Becoming a European State with a Royal Family will in effect make us a Principality within Europe.

    For many years now they have been trying to get it through parliment that we should all carry ID Cards. The British people will fight to the bitter end against this. They also try to convince us that ID cards are ecential to bringing an end to terror and to illegal immigrants.

    That threat can't work on the British public as we do not fear terrorist as other countries do. We have lived far too long with IRA terrorism to allow a few muslim terrorists to affect our way of life.

    As Mrs mecomber says, all this has been prophetised in the Bible and what we have here are governments trying to make it a self fulfilling prophecy. The idea of a World Government is taken from the Bible. Bible prophecies seem to becoming true due to the seed planted by the words in the Bible. But God did not write the Bible. Men wrote the Bible.

    The vidos says that people wont have to be forced. That the lies destributed by the media will make us rush to accept through fear. Well, I know that the British people will never take it lying down and any Governement of the day that attempts to do this will be brought to their knees.

    It certainly wont happen in my time anyway.

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