Curiosity killed the cat, as they say.....

mEWo.... lol
Been doing a lot of reading on a lot of blogs and I'm seeing a lot of the same answers. But just curious what I'd get if I just come right out and ask. Care to take a poll???
No one has to comment that don't want to and the poll don't tell me who you are that voted for what.
Thanks! :-))

Edited April 8, 2009 10:24pm:
Ok, I give up! I've sit and thought on this and I don't have a clue what to do about adverts! Many more are starting to approve the ads. I strongly feel that Entrecard is wrong and unfair making us split the ads 50/50 on one widget and I want people that advertise on my blog, to get all they can while running an advert here. But I'm losing out big time on both ec credit paid adverts and drops coming back per day and I don't know if it's because I won't approve the paid ads or what it is. I guess it's either give up and play their sorry ass get rich off us game or I get weeded out.
I'm sorry to all that have been faithful to On The Bricks, who have followed and keep coming back if I do give up and start approving the paid ads. :-(

This is the last words and post I have to say on this subject.

Do you like sharing your advert 50/50 on the EC widget??

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  • Len said....

    A better question for your poll might be "Do you like Entrecard?" Because without the paid ads, it is possibly going away. Would you rather pay a monthly fee for the service?

  • chilly said....

    Hello Len! Well, there is a few times I have ask myself do I really like Entrecard. Bottom line, I honestly have to say yes, but only to what it was and could be. I enjoy the side of Entrecard that has given me a lot of traffic. And I know that lots of the traffic is pop in and out just to click the widget button, but some of that traffic has turned into readers and some have became great friends.

    But the way things are now with Entrecard, I honestly don't know what to do. And putting up the poll didn't help me out at all in figuring out what to do like I was hoping it would. I hate to run the paid ads before I don't think it's fair showing 50/50. Not fair for either side! But I really feel that anyone who don't play the game with Graham, will be weeded out of Entrecard.

    As far as your question goes, Yes, I would rather pay a monthly fee. But depends on what that fee would be, because I have little income for a blog. That's why I'm still with a hosted Blogspot blog.
    Thanks for stopping in! Always a pleasure to see people stop by. :-)

    NOW! This Anonymous crap is getting old as hell. Can't even delete those comments. Didn't won't to do this But I know the one fix that will stop them!

  • Kathy said....

    I'm in the camp of people who'd be willing to pay a monthly fee, say five bucks, to have EC go back to the way it used to be. That's an amount I suspect a lot of people could live with. Anyone who can't would weed themselves out and we'd be left with a much better network of blogs and EC would still make their money.

    I agree with you that somehow we'll be punished for not accepting paid ads. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • Crazy Working Mom said....

    I'm with you Chilly! I am not approving paid ads either. My traffic is way down from EC. I read somewhere that your widget goes to the back of your category if you don't approve paid ads.

    I think that EC as we knew it is now gone for good. I'm still hanging in there, but I'm not doing much advertising right now 'till I find out if it's going to even be worth it. I hate to advertise with paid ads and only get 1/2 my credit's worth...

  • LadyBanana said....

    I voted NO.... but from my previous posts etc, you'd know that already! :)

  • Laane said....

    I do like entrecard and I think the system was so great I would pay for it. Not too much, but enough that when everyone did the same we would be able to keep the system going.

    I think advertising on the inbox of entrecard with a banner on top, leads to a lot of friendly taken exposure. This would generate enough money when there were some good advertisers involved.

    We now get 10 dollar crap from people who just want the cheap way and let others do the work. (Droppers have to click). I wonder if anyone really cares for those sites.
    I'm not talking about fellow bloggers who fell into the moneytrap.

    I won't approve paid ads on a 50/50 basis.
    A two sided widget is something else. (maybe)
    But I prefer 5 dollar a month or less.

    But it's clear they want to monetise the system and they just don't care about the other bloggers. Just read at the dashboard how kind they are for those who have paid.

    Happy easter!!

  • Kloggers/Polly said....

    My visits are currently down by 100 per day. I am still visiting just as many blogs - I read blogs and comment on blogs.
    From what I am appearing to see - people are buying their way up onto the top several pages as these are changing. This seems to be totally unfair as I drop one by one visiting blogs. I always drop on a blog before I purchase an advert as I think this is only good manners and ... most importantly I spend my credits advertising on others blogs. I am finding that adverts that used to acrew between 8 and 16 click throughs to my blog have now halved to between 4 and 8 click throughs to my blog.
    This is very disappointing. I am not sure what the solution is - reducing the price of the adverts, may be - but then this would still not bring back the drops.

    I am not accepting any paid adverts at all - but they are still creeping in on my widget. I am having to notify the admin on a daily basis at the moment.

    Perhaps they need to create a 'T' shape widget - one half for standard EC Drops and one side for paid adverts ... but then when they first said they were going to introduce it I thought it was for the administration of the site. On notes that we have received it says they are using 75% of payments to buy back credits from users. Perhaps the answer is to not buy back the credits - for users to be able to sell what EC credits they don't want in the Entrecard shop and for less paid ads to be accepted into the systme.

    Any more suggestions?

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