I don't understand one part of Entrecard ads.

I see we now have a spot on our dashboard for the 3rd party ads to be approved or rejected. Same place as where peoples adverts show up to be approved that want to run on our blogs. Approved ads line up down the right side for when they will run each day. So..........
If we approve the 3rd party ads, do they take the place of our blog adverts, jumping ahead of peoples adverts or what?? When do the 3rd party ads run. And if the 3rd party ad does take the place of someones advert, then when does that persons advert run??? Haven't seen any kind of answer to this up to now.


  • flit said....

    my understanding, from one of the initial blog posts about it, was that the ad would be rotated - so 50% blog ad and 50% advertiser ad.

    So ... yeah ... blog advertisers are going to pay the same for half the views.

  • The Hawg! said....

    Too complicated for me to figure out. I'm just rejecting all the paid ads. Bunch of nonsense, anyway.

  • Your Fun Family said....

    Yep, they said that paid ads will replace 50% of the ad views so bloggers are losing ad time. I would like to see when they start allowing us to sell back our credits. I wonder what the amount will be. If it is worth it to sell the credits I would not mind the paid ads. If we only make a tiny bit then I would not be too happy about the paid ads. When you work with other companies and they place their ads on your site you get a share of what they make off of you. I do not have much interest in just letting someone make money off of my hard work and getting nothing in return.

  • Jon said....

    I'm confused too. I logged into my dashboard today to find that I had two paid adds waiting to be approved. The problem I encountered was that I couldn't see what the adds looked like, there was no image and therefore I couldn't visit the sites that wanted to advertise on my blog. I won't be approving adds were I can't visit the site first - who knows what they might be advertising?

  • Laane said....

    I had the same questions. I couldn't get to the sites to check them.
    Now I'm surfing around and I see so many of the same ads that I'm getting really bored.

    I wonder how I would be able to reach new sites when almost all spaces are ads.


  • Lidian said....

    Same here, so i just rejected the paid ads. i need to see it and check it out before anything goes on MY blogs! :)


  • chilly said....

    Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping in to answer. I did just read it in a thread stared by Phirate over on the forums.

    Some of these sites cost a lot to advertise on and I'm just not sure I agree with paying the full price for running an advert only to get 50% advertising time.

  • Gary said....

    @chilly I agree at the current time. After a few weeks everything should settle down though and ad prices should correct themselves.

    As to everyone, be sure to check out the 'advert settings' link in your dashboard. It will help you deal with the paid ads.

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