Found a neat Twitter tool.

Or maybe a retweet tool I should say.
Have you ever been surfing blogs and come across a posts that you would like to tweet, but for one reason or the other you, maybe your having a bad computer day and nothing is going right and having trouble posting that blog post you like to Twitter?
If you use Twitter as many people do today. I found a pretty neat retweet button at TweetMeme and Blog Godown that you can add to your blog post that makes it very simple and quick to tweet someones post if they have the button installed. And when you have it, it makes it easy on others to retweet your posts.
You can see what it looks like to the right. A green button that says "retweet" and also gives the number of times a post has been twittered. Can also get the button in a smalled size.
TweetMeme even has a widget you can add to your blog.

HERE is the link to the buttons.
HERE is a link to the website.
HERE is the link to the widget.

If you go to this POST at Blog Godown, you can see how to install the button on Blogger blogs.
This is a very easy and simple install. Enjoy!


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