The King??? You sure he's not God??

I could wonder about that as I travel around the internet today. It's Micheal Jackson everywhere I turn. Ya know, I can see it all now. You remember when Elvis died?? Ha, people hasn't let him die yet. And Jackson, I feel is going to be the same way. Now I see on Yahoo news that they're going to do an autopsy to see if prescription drugs killed him.
And why or how is he more important than anyone else. Seeing a lot of blogs that post about his death and Farrah Fawcett's death. Many of them I see a big post wrote up about Jackson with pictures and some even with videos attached. Then you only see at the bottom a small post about Fawcett. Some with and some with even a picture of her. Then some only have a small picture of her with a caption that only says, "RIP Farrah Fawcett".
The same goes for Ed Mcmahon. I've seen very little about him.
Jeezzz, when someone dies, just let them die already and they are no better than anyone else, no matter who they are.

And before the nasty comments come in, I'll say, No I did not like Micheal Jackson now or when he was with the Jackson5 just as I didn't like Elvis. I've seen Micheal Jackson in concert when he was Jackson5 and after the break up of that group and I saw Elvis in concert too. I saw them only because I do love their music.

There, it's said! I'm done until next time..........


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