Entrecard.... Here we go again. (follow up)

This was suppose to be a comment on my last post here, but it got a little long and it's easier just to make another post than to take time to thin it down.
I think people are getting worked up on my last post until we see what Graham could be up to and as we know by now that could be anything under the sun.
I didn't write the post to stir people against this or that. I have no clue if it will be judged on comments or how long we are there or what. Those two are the only thing I can think of that could be. And if it's either one of those changes, my use of Entrecard will be cut way down to 15-20 blogs a day because with all the changes thrown at Entrecard, most blogs I care to read have been ran off. But I just thought it was funny that here we go again with another change because Graham's changes usually turn out crap.
And bounce rate???? I could care less. LOL Don't truly even know much about it. I blog because it gives me something to do. A hobby plain and simple. I love that some of you read my blog and some comment. But if you didn't, so what as far as care. If I failed, I find something else to do.
And ya know, looks to me like Graham would fix Entrecard problems already there before he makes more problems. To start with, your forums suck. Who ever heard of closing out the world to an Introduction forum. Dumbest thing I even heard! I gave up going to the forums and seeing all the negative garbage of Entrecard and Entrecard started getting better to deal with and I only focused on the good which is the people and blogs I met. Cleaning out the system of dead and deleted blogs would be nice. Why should we have to get punished for dropping on a deleted blog still having a widget. It's not our fault, but yet the customer gets punished. Still trying to figure out how that fair. lol
I have a blog linked to this one. (Kool Kustoms) I took the widget off that blog two months ago because I found a paid ad running and shouldn't have been any. And I reported the blog needed deleted because I had just taken the widget off. I just went into switch accounts to see if it was still there right before I started writing this. Yep, sure enough, still there with paid ads lined up wanting to run. Dang, there's not even a widget on the blog already! Guess what, bet the blog will be deleted this time now that I have said here for the world to see. lol

And what's happened to blogs. Used to be all those better blogs, (ok, by better, I mean to my interest.) Were always up top with 1000 or more ec's to advertise on them. ALWAYS! Now I find all the blogs that when I started Entrecard (that is still around) always at the top are all towards to bottom in the 300's to 64 ec's to advertise on. That should tell someone something pretty quick. ;-)

Yes Lynne, I to use to do 900 drops a day, 7 days a week with three blogs. This blog, Kool Kustoms, and 1Blog and 2Sides. Gave the recipe blog to my wife, dumped Kool Kustoms, and I do around 175 drops a day now. And that may drop to about 15 to 25 or less if this change brings on what I think it will.

Aldon Hynes, I do and have asked myself many times if it's possible that Graham is trying to kill Entrecard. Many times it has looked that way.

Oh and can someone explain to me this, I drop from a list. Same blogs on list every day for nearly a year. Some have dropped off and some have been added. But most are still on my list. Anyway, you drop for nearly a year every day, but never hit a top drop list. I've seen people post their monthly top droppers of 10, some 20 some even post their top 30 droppers. How do I miss making somewhere on a list that big when I drop on these blogs every day. It tells me that Entrecard's stats are way off bases.

Alright then, that's all for this time........ Aren't cha' glad. LOL


  • Jessel said....

    i agree with you, the best way to enjoy blogging is to focus the good one...have a great day!

  • Daisy said....

    I do not care about bounce rate, either. And I don't expect people to "interact" with my site unless they choose to do so; just dropping by to do a quick read of my last post is fine by me. I'm taking a "wait and see" attitude about the changes, just like last time. But I am very sad about the forums which I used to visit all the time.

  • Margaret said....

    Gosh I can't tell you the last time I was in the forum. It was pretty vacant the last time I was there. All I ever saw was one mod telling every poster to include a signature on their post that links to their ec account. WTF. Who gives a doodoo. Why couldn't she do that private instead of posting on every dad blamed post??

    I think the dead blogs are just piling up probably because Graham can't get free workers any more. All of us who used to volunteer our time got tired of never getting any communication from "up top" or being able to put in .02 on any proposed change before it was implemented, then covering the fall-out when it blew up.

    Graham is getting what he sowed.

  • Mrs Mecomber said....

    Chilly, I love your rants. I learn more about EC's DAILY changes thanks to you! I can't bear to see the forums or the blog. :-p

    I'd say chances are pretty good that Graham is killing EC... that or hiz komrades are doling our krappy advice.

    Isn't there someone out there who can create a better "dropping on blogs" kind of site, without the tyrannical oversight?!

  • Mystery Man said....

    well said...i'm wirth you. i'm holding my judgement on this new system that graham is implementing until it actually starts. gotta stayt objective about these things.

    glad i'm not the only that feels the deleted blogs need to go and noticed thatalot of the blogs that were more or less dominating EC have all but dropped off the face of the Earth. Something for the EC folks to think about, but they won't

  • Matthew C. Keegan said....

    Entrecard is making it harder for me to do my thing. I don't use a list anymore, rather I was using the EC toolbar until I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 which mean that the toolbar no longer works.

    So, I have to manually go to my drop list and work it from there. What a shame because I can't be bothered and will miss out on a number of blogs. EC needs work, but we don't need to be worked over.

  • Jacob Luis said....

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