Entrecard.... Here we go again. LOL

"Starting soon, “dropping and running” will no longer give you credit. We are developing a proprietary algorithm to determine whether or not you engaged in the blog you visitied in some way. If you did not engage in the blog, you will not get credit. We won’t be disclosing exactly the algorithm we use, so that people can’t game it easily."
After reading that from the Entrecard blog tonight, makes me wonder just what crazy idea is up Graham's shirt sleeve this time! Looks to me as if he's going to stir up a lot of spamming within the blogs of Entrecard users. I can only see that Graham is talking about making comments for credits. I don't comment if I don't have something to say. So could this be the move that finally pushes On The Bricks out the doors.

As far as drop n run, I couldn't care less if they drop it to 20 a day drop limit. lol


  • Crazy Working Mom said....

    I am wondering the same thing myself, Chilly. I have been sticking it out to see what ultimately happens with EC, while most of my friends have abandoned ship. I'm thinking my time is slowly but surely coming to an end as well.

  • Sue said....

    This is the first I heard of it. You've got to be kidding. This is ridiculous. How are you supposed to comment on everyone you drop on? Esp. blogs that don't even update their content? I don't see how this will work.

  • Laura said....

    I'm not at Entrecard any longer. But I think you are assuming it is about making comments. It could just be about how much time you spend on the blog before you leave. Other services have done that before.

  • Sandi said....

    hmmm well some of us don't have time to read every blog that we pass. I am very busy with school and children, but use Entrecard for credits and to find new blogs. The good ones, or ones that have something I am interested in stand out. It has been a great way for me to find new blogs...but if I don't get credit for dropping then I see no reason to bother. This will be a bad move on Entrecards part.

  • John said....

    I'm not sure how Entrecard could implement this? Maybe time on the blog or the number of times the widget is loaded.

    If it causes me to get tons of spam comments, I'll remove my widget.

  • sixmats said....

    That's it. I'm done.

  • chilly said....

    Hi everyone and thanks for stopping in.

    @ Sue, I guess this was the first anyone heard of it. It just came out on the Entrecard Blog a few minutes before I posted it here.

    @ Laura, Good to see you stop in. Yes, you are right. I really am assuming it's going to be about comments. Well, that or a timing system something in the style of BlogExplosion. I really don't know at this time and Graham says he's not going to tell. How he plans to do that, who knows, but I think that road has being traveled. ;-)

    @ Sixmats, Hang on dude, we don't know much of anything yet. lol
    I've already cut my dropping in about half and I have no problem with cutting it down more if need be.

  • Margaret said....

    Ah well, I'm at the bottom of the EHeap anyway, so what will it matter. There are some sites- like yours that I stop and read, but there are a boat load in my inbox and in my drop list that haven't updated in a month or 6, so no, I will not be hanging around those sites longer than it takes to drop.

    I have a zillion credits now and just want the pay out rate to go up from $1/K before I cash out, so what do I really care about dropping anyway?? My dropping days are pretty much over. I keep the stupid widget to balance out another ad that is that same size LOL.

  • New York Chica said....

    You're right. I'm getting kinda tired of Entrecard, to be honest. There's Twitter, Facebook and other things now. If they are getting too petty, I'm out too! Oh and another thing, I hate PAID ADS! They suck! Sorry people that pay for them but I do.

  • Maggie said....

    This might be the end of me and my blogs on Entrecard as well. I don't update my blog every day, and I don't blame people who drop and run- I am happy they drop by at all. If it gets any more difficult or time consuming than it already is to be on Entrecard I will be gone.

  • Natalie said....

    Wow...like I have time to comment on 300 blogs a day. I'm like you, if I have nothing worth saying I don't say it. I don't leave a comment just to leave one. This just may be the lamest thing EC has done.

  • Aldon Hynes said....

    It will be interesting to see what happens. I'm still on EntreCard, but every time they make a change I think more and more seriously about leaving, or at least significantly curtailing my use of it.

    I sometimes wonder if Graham just has some sort of death wish for EntreCard trying time after time to kill it.

  • Kate Burton said....

    I have to agree with you. When exactly am I supposed to write my blog if I'm reading and commenting on everyone elses?

  • MamaFlo said....

    This SUCKS!!! Undoubtedly it has something to do with Bounce Rates (isn't that what it's called). I recently decided not to beat myself up trying to drop 300 a day (although I find I'm still dropping that many) and just read and comment - obviously I'll be doing less dropping if Graham implements his latest and greatest (NOT).
    I hadn't had time to read what came from EC so thanks for giving me a heads up before I start reading and fuming.

  • Lynne said....

    I used to be a dedicated 300/day dropper, but recently, it's difficult to find 300 blogs that are worth dropping in on. I refuse to drop on splogs or blogs that haven't been updated in over a month.
    I may not always leave a comment, but I do tend to stop and read the blogs I do drop on. I'm just unsure how this new idea is going to pan out.

  • Dorothy L said....

    It is mainly that entrecard is trying to appease everyone. Which as we all know that is impossible inn the real world.
    Personally I still enjoy entrecard...I comment a lot because I enjoy it and that is why.

    I have never written an article for comments to be made. I write because I choose to and would much rather have a comment made because the reader enjoyed it voluntarily not by force.
    Forcing comments will, as one reply has already brought up..cause spam and/or uninterested commenting which will still not get people to read the actual post.
    I use to belong to a blogging system years ago that timed your stops..did that make me read posts that did not interest me...no...I just had another blogging system running and popped back and forth.
    That system is old...old...tried and failed many times. I am surprised myself that entrecard has not already figured this out. Again they are more than not just trying to appease all the droppers.

  • Dorothy L said....

    On this subject one more point...oh and I am not taking sides at all...I have been involved in entrecard from day 1 and have waded through all of the changes as did all of you and yes it is somewhat tiring..but that's life.
    The new system is also trying to stop bounce rates from skyrocketing on your blogs. The system will only credit you if you remain on the blog for a certain amount of time which in my mind contradicts their rule of having the widget so close to the top of the page.
    I have noticed that many bloggers had their widgets at the bottom which is effective in getting viewers to see their entire blog. So when they began their war against that...they basically set up their own monster...being the 'bounce rate'.
    Again it boils down to if a blogger is going to comment or spend time looking at a blog...they will no matter what. If they do not want to they will not.
    Many people are unaware of the bounce rate...so for those people this is where the latest change in entrecard is coming from...the people that are aware of it and are fighting entrecard about it.

    Have a good day

  • Mom said....

    It seems to me that the only valid way to monitor this would be to determine the length of time any particular widget is "open" before the page is redirected. I don't know much about coding, though, so maybe it's based on whether you visit a second page. Hmm...

    I am sitting back and waiting to see what happens. Entrecard has been very good for me and my blogs. I've enjoyed a huge increase in readers - actual readers and commenters, not just droppers. I'm thankful for that and will continue to stick it out until I feel that the value of Entrecard is fully depleted.

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