Is It Just Me.....

Or am I the only one think these are the only two cards showing on the Entrecard widgets??? How much boring can dropping get!
Is this a short enough post??? lol


  • Symphony of Love said....

    I'm see more of the one on the right.

  • MamaFlo said....

    I think I've seen other paid ads recently but not many. Dropping is boring these days (I guess that means we have more time to read and comment). I'm dreading Grahams latest and greatest threat to EC.

  • Aldon Hynes said....

    I've been seeing a lot of the one on the right. It may well be that they are the only two people that do any serious paid advertising.

    As to Graham's latest hairbrained scheme, well, at least it will give us something new to gripe about. However, he'll probably try to implement it while I'm on vacation, so it probably doesn't really matter anyway.

  • Mystery Man said....

    I haven't seen much of the one on thel eft lately, it's been more of the on the right. Hmmm...

  • Lady Banana said....

    I don't even drop that much but they are very very familiar!

  • grouse.and.badger said....

    I'm glad someone else noticed this as well!!! To be honest, I canceled both of these ads so I wasn't another person with them on their site!

  • Lynne said....

    I have the one on the left in my queue and she paid via EC and I approved it. The one on the right I declined because it was on 90% of the EC blogs and I wasn't joining that crowd.

  • Mr. New Dilemma said....

    Yep. Seen both of thos ad nauseum. I hate it, because when I try to drop by widgets it always ends the loop to quick. (Do I even understand what I just wrote?)

  • nipsy said....

    I have the one on the right currently running, and I didn't even approve the damn thing!! I don't accept paid ads..thanks alot Graham

  • Christy said....

    YES!!! That's all I'm seeing, too, and it's driving me crazy!

  • Mrs Mecomber said....

    I declined ALL ads for ALL my blogs, but these ads are still showing up on my blogs. I am so frustrated I could SCREAM.

  • Sue said....

    Now that you mention it - I've noticed that student life one constantly today. Ugh.

  • Kelly said....

    I one or the other is on every third blog I visit

  • blueyes said....

    that's all I see and it gets quite annoying

  • Buggys said....

    You are sooo right! I think I'm going to cancel them both.

  • Sharkbytes (TM) said....

    I hate them... won't click, won't approve for my blog. It just stops the whole EC surf concept dead in its tracks. But that may not matter with the new insanity that's coming. EC doesn't net me much traffic these days.

  • chilly said....

    Gosh, well..... Guess it's not guess me. LOL
    Does get annoying enough that it makes me think every day, 'Do I want to drop today?'

    @ Nipsy and Mrs.Mecomber, I know what your saying. Wanda and I learned just the other day that she had one running on her blog just the same way.

    @ Sharkbytes, Yeah I know what your saying. I used to do a lot of widget surfing. The paid ads put a stop to that, I still miss doing it.
    Entrecard stop bringing me much traffic a good while back and I only stay because of some of the blogs that's still here which is very few I enjoy now. But next magic trick that Graham has, just may make me give it up for good.

    Pleasure seeing each of you stop in! :-)

  • Margaret said....

    I'm still rejecting paid ads as I still have issues with EC bloggers getting half their exposure taken away without cutting their price in half.

  • chilly said....

    Yep! That's exactly from day one why I won't run the paid ads and never will run them as the widgets are now.

  • Julie D said....

    Yes~ I was thinking of posting the same thing! ANd I keep seeing them on sites that claim not to accept paid ads. I think something is fishy.

  • chilly said....

    There is something fishy, it's name is Graham. lol

  • The Fitness Diva said....

    LOL! I'm glad somebody posted about this! I remember one day not long ago when the Ad Master was on 9 out of every 10 blogs that I dropped, and I just wondered to myself "how much must that COST??". This one must have some deep pockets! lol
    I cancel the student ad since it's a paid ad. AM can advertise on me, only if it's EC's and only if I see she's been dropping on me. Gotta have your standards!
    But yes, it does make the dropping a bit boring!

  • Tina said....

    i know i used to enjoy dropping and seeing new blogs, but these paid ads have taken all the fun out of it now.

    Unfortunately i no longer have time to maintain the Drop Stars Blogroll, so i will be removing it from my website.

    If you could remove the badge i would be grateful.

    Thanks so much for being my Drop Star in the first place :)

  • Katherine a.k.a. Katie said....

    I know!......... I put my ads where I can. I can't afford the credits for a lot of them though they are a bit too high at 500 ec or more. But My ads are out there too! :-)

  • Shelly said....

    Advertising on the widget does not seem to make sense any more. I am now looking at advertising through the marketplace.

  • cornyman said....

    Hello chilly,

    sometimes i just reload the Widget-frame until the non-paid ad appears... because i also like to bloghop sometimes from widget to widget... and this will make the paid ads disappear sooner ;-)

    Have a good time!

    Sometimes you should look in the Dashboard in the advert settings. There is an option, only approved by you paid ads shall be shown.
    When you activate this, paid ads don't show up automatically!!

  • Badong said....

    apparently there are three: the two you've posted above and the other one is yours. that's how I got here. lol.

  • chilly said....

    @ Tina! Yes I to enjoyed card surfing a lot but the paid ads stopped all that for me. Sorry to see you have to give it up but I'll still be dropping on you. :-)

    @ Shelly, Yep, that too has crossed my mind. It's a shame what he's doing to Entrecard.

    @ Cornyman, sorry to tell you, but they still come in. It's been reported but as normal, nothing is done about it.

    @ Badong, LOL You got to be kidding. I rarely advertise anymore because it cost so blasted much. I have 5 running now and 2 will run on the 15th. That's it up to date.

    Pleasure to see you all drop in. Thanks and stop again some time! :-)

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