One More Time Around.....

And then I'm going to sit back in a comfy chair and just watch what happens in the next few months with Entrecard.
As we all I guess know by now that Entrecard was acquired by ZipRunner Inc. Everyone's running around saying Entrecard was sold. Folks, acquired don't have to mean sold. If you notice Graham said in his post that ZipRunner Inc was chosen for Entrecard. Wonder why??? Could it be that ZipRunner Inc invested 100,000 some odd dollars in the past and Graham didn't make a return on their investment, so just maybe Entrecard was more likely repossessed. Just the way I see it when I read Graham's post and Andrew Te's post over on the Entrecard blog. And I also have something to say on those two post in a minute.

I'm seeing all over the place a bio on ZipRunner Inc. I still have no idea what it is, what they do or anything about them. I'm guessing they buy, sell, invest in other companies. Do they know anything about running something like Entrecard?? Will they just end up dumping Entrecard to someone else.

If this whole story is true or made up!

If it is true, is anyone other than me worried about Graham as an advisor for ZipRunner Inc. I'm hoping ZipRunner owning Entrecard is true and can put it back on it's feet. Because at this point, I'm honestly getting way more traffic from other places than I get from Entrecard and not worth my time dropping anymore. But with Graham, it will never happen.
I mean come on, what kind of company would not check to see what kind of feelings the customers have about the product??? I'm guessing ZipRunner never checked for comments from customers or they would have seen many complaints and see just how many walked away from Entrecard up to date. And also if they had, they would have to see that it was Graham and his lame tricks and changes to Entrecard that has also killed Entrecard and Andrew Te would not have been praising Graham in his post.
That for one makes me wonder if the whole thing is made up for us to start following and believing in Graham once again. Andrew Te's and Graham's post on the Entrecard blog are so much alike. Makes me wonder if Graham wrote them both.

I also have one huge question now, maybe more like curiosity than anything else. Graham is finally a blogger, (ok, that's funny as hell to me, but another story) so why does he not display an Entrecard widget????

Now, something I've learned an be watching and haven't seen anything said about it. If the Entrecard widget has been taken off of a blog, but still have an account on Entrecard. And the paid ads line up to be approved, as we know already, approved or not, they still run, ok...... here's where it gets fun. Blog has no widget but paid ads are lining up, if you leave them just sitting there, then somehow they do collect ec's for that blog.
 Sounds great for the people using the paid ad system, huh! NOT!

Alright, like I said in the beginning of this post, I'm going to lay off Entrecard for now and sit back and see where this Entrecard/ZipRunner Inc thing goes. Hoping we will can soon begin to see Entrecard coming back to where it once was. :-D


  • Crazy Working Mom said....

    Very interesting. It'll be something to keep an eye on for sure!

  • Mrs Mecomber said....

    I have the same wonderings. I'm hoping that ZipRunner improves everything, from the system to the sagging morale. But when I read that ZR and GL are so buddy-buddy, my hopes went down. We'll see. That's my attitude, too.

  • Garden Gnome said....

    And the plot thickens. It should be rather interesting to see how the events unfold. I didn't catch how similar Graham's and Andrew posts were. It could be possible someone else wrote both in an attempt to make everything appear fine as if this is a good move so as to not see a mass exodus of members.

  • Miriam said....

    Let's face it... Graham has been known to impersonate someone else in the forums if you recall, so I wonder, like you, if he's doing it again.

    I also agree that acquired does not necessarily mean sold and find it rather ironic that the person that invested money into EC is now the one to "acquire" it..

    I'm in a watch mode too.

  • MamaFlo said....

    Many of the issues that pissed me off about EC are still there..............who's at the helm on a day to day basis?

  • Metallman said....

    If Graham is behind this mask of "Ziprunner", then Entrecard will be going down the crapper. I, too, have not found anything in regards to this Ziprunner company and could very well be made up by Graham as a means to not be hounded by unhappy Entrecard members. This is definitely something to keep an eye on. Later.

  • a49erfangirl said....

    I too have the same wonderings. I have gotten a little more traffic on Entrecard. But your right since I joined Adgitise I have been getting way more traffic.

  • New York Chica said....

    Did u read this: http://entrecard.com/blog/

    This is great news b/c I hate paid ads just as much as you!! Enjoy!!

  • Testuser said....

    Chilly - hey man how ya doin? EC seems to have "calmed down" a bit since Zip took over. I haven't seen a paid ad all day today....hopefully they are all gone now.

    No more cash out but that's ok too. Wasn't worth the hassle anyway.

  • Anonymous

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