KISS ARMY One Big Nation. NOT!

People can't understand why I hate living in Georgia so bad. Mostly it's because of the asshole attitudes I find down here from most people I come across.
This morning, it hit me once again. Over on MySpace, I requested a friendship with a KISS Georgia Chapter member a few days ago. Today when I logged in, I had this message asking me if I didn't like living in Georgia, then why would I want to be friends with them. I'm friends with other KISS State Chapters and I don't live in those states and they have no problems.

Never knew where we live or feel about where we live has anything to do with anything! I always thought that KISS fans were a huge world wide thing. KISS fans are suppose to be one big Family/Army/Nation. So that is exactly why I wanted to be friends with someone in Georgia.
Maybe I have been in wrong thinking all these years about what it meant to be a KISS fan!

So good morning Friday, you suck early today!


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