Teen made to smoke 42 cigarettes.

Just read a story today where a teacher in Malaysia caught a student with a cigarette and lighter in his locker. For punishment, made the student smoke 42 cigarettes in 4 hours.
I don't know how cigarettes are packaged there, but here, that is 2 packs plus 2 extra cigarettes. (20 cigarettes in a pack)
I started smoking when I was somewhere around 11 years old and just quit at 50. After smoking all those years, hell, I couldn't come close to smoking 42 in 4 hours! That kid would have to be sick as a dog before even half way.
Said the school apologized after a police report was filed. Didn't say what they have done about this teacher.
But it gets worse. In 2007, the teacher made 140 teenage girls squat in a pond. That punishment was for clogging toilets.
Just makes you wonder how crackpots like that get teacher jobs. I am not so sure I would went the route of filing a police report. Been my kid, I pretty well think I would have made it so this teacher would never ever think about working around kids again.


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