It's Final..... Bye-Bye

In a few days when all ads have ran, I will be leaving Entrecard and removing the widget. I don't have $50 for this when it's only a hobby even if I wanted to pay it. And I have said over and over that I will not share a widget with ec paying advertisers with others that can just throw in a few bucks to advertise. Even if something else could be worked out, I've had enough, Entrecard just not worth it these days as much more traffic comes from other places so it's time to move on.
I do hope management / staff / most admin and mods will wake up and start acting as if they care about bloggers using the system. Wake up and remember that bloggers can close Entrecard down real fast! 

But I'll still be stopping in on lots of you! :-)


  • Hillbilly Willy said....

    Thanks for stopping by Chilly - Willy canceled all pending ads by clicking on the cancel button and then giving a reason "Other - Leaving entrecard because of paid ad issue" Willy hopes that everyone received a message whose ad got canceled.

    Time to say "Willy is tired of their antics" " outta here"

    10-4 Willy

  • Lynne said....

    You will be missed, but I hope to stop by whether you have EC or not.


  • Laane said....

    50? I've missed something. Oh dear!

    I hope all will be well and I'm sure I'll visit you.


  • One Creative Queen said....

    You are so not the only one leaving. I've had it with them as well...and they are losing loads of really good bloggers. Seems their desire to become a "clickfarm" is almost to fruition. Sad, really.

    I'll continue to stop by! xx

  • kanishk said....

    You will be missed, but I hope to stop by whether you have EC or not.
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  • Crazy Working Mom said....

    Yup, I'm no longer accepting ads either. Only a few more and I am out too! Stupid that it has come to this, but not unexpected! If you don't mind, I'd love to borrow this graphic you've got for my site. I'll link to you if it's okay to use it.

  • Lady Banana said....

    I've gone.. for now anyway. Will see if anything improves or not. Keep in touch/visiting :)

  • Sue said....

    I won't pay $50 dollars either, but I kind of need the traffic. Just because the paid posts I do, I can only get them if I have a certain amount of traffic. So I kind of need Entrecard, unfortunately. I'll still visit ya - and on Facebook too.

    Go Red Sox! - lol!

  • chilly said....

    Hi guys and thanks for stopping by!!
    This and other problems with Entrecard is the reason I am leaving. It's just not worth time anymore when way more traffic is coming from BlogExplosion and Adgitize.
    But my most reason for leaving is, I will not share one widget with ec payers and the $$$ payers. If they build a double widget or just another widget of it's own, then I might would give it some more thought to staying, maybe.

  • chilly said....

    Oh and Sue, didn't you mean to say....

    "GO Yankees GO!! LOL

  • madong arizona said....

    JUST cancel all EC paying advertisers!!!.
    coming visiting your homepage, reading some interesting post and dropping EC & Adgitize. if you have time, visit my page too www.iruha.com

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