Slushie, Slurpee, Icy drink, etc...

Whatever you call it................ ever have one?? Ok, here you a little story on them and maybe even a good lesson about them. LOL
Wanda and I like them when we go see a movie. Get a large one each and they will last nearly the whole movie. I started wanting them more often but I know we can't go to the movies with the price of a going these days, every time I wanted one. So we started looking around and found a few places that carry them, but just not exactly the same. Then we found that a local QuikTrip fast food and gas store carries the same thing we could get at the movies.

Uh ohhh..... LOL! here goes where the problem comes in and maybe the lesson to you if you didn't know this.
At the QuikTrip, you have to get your own shushie. Warning: Anyone easy to heart attacks, stay clear of shushie machines! ;-)
Ok, here we go. Get your cup and get your clear plastic dome lid and put it on. Now, lay your cup on the over flow trap of the machine with the filler neck in the hole of the plastic dome. This is an important step now: Do not seal the hole tight in the dome. lol

I got one a few days ago and I'm just now getting over the shock and able to write this little story. Seems I sealed it to tight, about half the cup was filled and faster than I could see this happen, that plastic dome was broken into a hundred pieces and sounded like a shotgun blast. Lucky the cup stayed in one piece and keep the drink in side. lol

The guy at the store told us that carbonated soda builds up gas and has to exit some how. Now I know after it scared the crap out of me.
There ya go and now you know! lol


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