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Would love to revisit my late teen years and the 20's. Redo a couple things, but what parts I remember, (not telling why I can't remember parts! lol) those years were the best.

My 30's were pretty good. These were the years I started waking up to which way I wanted to go. And I think I did pretty good on figuring out what I wanted in life. Made big money and lived large. Only problem was, no one ever talked to me about "what if one day you couldn't work again  and that money stopped coming in". I learned in my 40's what that meant.

My 40's didn't roll so good, but you never know what life can throw at you to make your life do a 90 degree turn. So I guess I should have set up camp a little better in my 20's and 30's, huh! lol

Just turn 50 couple months ago so I don't have much yet to go on, but so far....... Sucks to be 50 and hate when I am in life. Lived fast and played hard in my teens, 20's and 30's and some times I think those years have caught up with me now. But then I also guess it's all in how you've set your life up as you go....

There's no real yellow bricks roads in the real world to follow!

Just sayin' lol


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