Paid ads again???

So Entrecard has opened up for paid ads again?? Just what it looks to me.


  • Garden Gnome said....

    Oh Chilly, I wondered how long it would be before this happened. It would appear the new owner is no better than the old regime. I hear they have been down quite a bit too. I see you are using Adgitize so might I suggest CMF and BlogExplosion. Both are a lot less headaches than EC and honestly the traffic is higher quality.

  • Sue said....

    I know - I thought they said no more paid ads? And then I had that same ad show up on my dashboard today too. Plus I couldn't even drop any cards like all day! This is getting ridiculous again.

  • verabear said....

    I hadn't had any bids, I guess. But that is odd after announcing the end of that experiment. Tsk.

  • Lynne said....

    I wondered about the same thing, had the same paid ad in my queue and didn't accept it.

  • Laane said....

    I just removed the very successful no paid ads square from my blogs. Guess it's better to put them up again. ""sigh""

  • WillOaks Studio said....

    I rejected it but with the "new rules" published today (no credit for drops ON your blog after 9-1) I'm thinking there must be a better way!

  • chilly said....

    Well, I haven't seen anymore paid ads, but keeping a watch on it.

    I haven't quit Entrecard just yet and may not, but starting yesterday I put my attention on Adgitize now and if I find an Entrecard widget, I'll click it. But very few blogs I see now that is only using Entrecard.

  • Anonymous

    Yea , I was so surprised seeing those paid ads again. I thought they were scrapped, and I saw it on my dashboard. Of course, I rejected it.

  • Natalie said....

    I had a paid ad show up too! I quickly declined it...but dang...I don't like those!

  • Shinade aka Jackie said....

    I had one show last week and rejected it. to me it's no big deal. I will just reject. What I don;t like is that they have changed how you can set preferences.

    Before I simply checked no pad adds. That option is no longer available.

    I am with CMF also. but, I have been now for a long time and I have yet to receive any points whatsoever from them.

    I have had many many adds run and complete and some had a great deal of clicks. So where are points for these clicks?

    So far I have had to add money to my account twice to put adds on blogs with CMF.

    I will stay them also but I am wondering why the pay out and return on my investment is taking so long.

    Like it or not...and I know because I have left EC before....they are the best tool I have found so far for getting traffic to your site!!

    Each time I have left I do lose people and also my comments go down.

    I hope you have a good week!

  • blueyes said....

    I haven't gotten any in my que but all the ones that were in my list on the right are finally gone now. No more ads for me anywheres.

  • Len said....

    Does this mean you're gonna declare war on them again? :)

  • Anonymous

    My understanding is that they're not accepting any more paid ads, but the ones in the system would continue to run until the system is out of ads. Wonder if that's what you're seeing? Someone who got in before EC's ad cut off? Lord I hope so!!

  • Anonymous

    Shinade, this is the first I've heard of this issue - I strongly recommend that you create an alert over at CMF so we can help you. Please ensure you are logged into your account and click the "Create an alert" link at the top of the forums. I'm sorry if this is an issue for you, but you need to talk to us directly if you have problems. I'm sure we can look into it for you.


  • Anonymous

    Shinade, sorry for the double comment, I just checked your account. If you click on the Transactions link, you'll see that you've had numerous credits recently. Please note that you only get credited for the ads that run on your site once they complete (after the full 30 days), not before. Please do contact us directly if you have questions or issues. Thanks.

  • eda said....




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