And the childish games roll on and on...

Is this the best they can come up with?? What I mean, is, are they going to rob people of 15% of widget space for that garbage.

The one on the right seems a bit of false advertising by saying 100% free. I mean, it's like they're taking 15% of they widget or you pay them $50 a year not to take 15%. 

And even more childish they banned Caledonian Comment for speaking out on the Entrecard forums about the card saying it's "100% free". Back to their old tricks of censorship I see.

Now the babies have totally closed down the forums. LOL!!!
If people can't run something right, but can't take it when customers call them on it, then why bother??? Gee, grow a thicker skin or get thrown by the way side.

But it really is a damn shame Entrecard is going to hell. Entrecard could have been the biggest thing to have ever hit the internet, I believe.


  • da patriot said....

    I thought the same thing when I started seeing these yesterday. Really lame!

  • Daisy said....

    I was really disappointed to see them close the entire forum. I could (sort of) see them closing a thread that has gone off the tracks, but it doesn't seem like a real community without a forum.

  • *lynne* said....

    Sheesh! Well as soon as I realised what they meant by "15% of EC's entire ad network inventory will be set aside for sponsors" I bid them farewell. And now not even 2 weeks later, I see I did the right thing: another shutout of the forums, ~and~ comments too? I have no regrets.

  • Laane said....

    The blog of entrewas was admitted first, then thrown out. They said they were quite picky about the blogs allowed.
    We had a good laugh ofcourse! LOL!

    You have the setting of comments in such a way that I can only log in with the general account. So here's the right url:

  • OM said....

    At first I commented on their blog, telling the new(?) owners, very respectfully, that the EC Toolbar wasn't working well. And my comment wasn't published. I was shocked. It wasn't even a "Your toolbar doesn't work, so I'm leaving EC."

    Anyway, I moved all of the widgets to the bottom of my blogs, and I'm not dropping or buying ads until they sort themselves out. Which they won't. You're right about this being such a big missed opportunity. They could have been the biggest thing in blogging.

  • Lady Banana said....

    Silly, silly, silly people...

    Let me know if they mend their ways!

  • John said....

    It was well out of order banning Caledonian Comment. Closing the forums is a crazy move, they used to be the best thing about Entrecard.

    By the way, does disabling ads also disable paid ads? Maybe you could position a 125px ad for one of your friends directly over the widget! My vote would be to put Caledonian Comment there. ;-)

  • Mrs Mecomber said....

    Ridiculous!!!!! The EC ads are very cheesy, I agree.

    Seriously, the weird behavior hasn't ceased.... so I really gotta wonder if the "new management" thing is just a scam.


    I'd STILL like some geek to create a "dropping" kind of community independently. We bloggers really need a community.

  • chilly said....

    Hi there Mrs Mecomber!!
    I have made the comment a few times that I think Graham is still running the show. It's not like he hasn't come on as someone else, and even as a female trying to pull something over our eyes. Would not surprise me this time either as I think entrecard still belongs to Graham. It either that or these new owners are just as stupid!

    I to wish another system like entrecard would come along.

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