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The wait is over! The new KISS album hit the stores today. Many of the Wal-Mart stores set up a KISS Korner at midnight last night. I've already seen reports today where KISS fans dressed up as KISS with all the face paint and hit Wal-Mart stores to get their copy of the new album last night. I missed out on getting there to pick up the album, but hopefully I'll be able to pick one up sometime in the near future.

KISS hits Atlanta, Georgia Oct.26. Sorry to say I won't be there either because of health reason lots of you already know about. BOO-HOOOO! ;-)

KISS will be on the David Letterman Show tonight with their new album.(Tuesday Oct.6)  Hopefully I'll get to see that tonight if the cable tv or power don't crash! Crossing fingers!!!  lol

Another date come and gone. lol Ummm, where's the new paid ads Oooops! I mean sponsor ads as Entrecard  likes to call them. Like they think we are all bumbling idiots and don't know the differences. Haven't seen any of them yet.

Also, now it looks like BlogUpp is throwing paid ads at the users of the widget now. I am removing those widgets from my blog as soon as I finish posting this.

Video from David Letterman Show. 0ct/06/2009


  • Sam said....

    was here reading and visiting. i hope you feel better soon. yeah, i don't get how entrecard works until now :-D

  • Anonymous

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