Texas ghost town is sold on eBay

A small, uninhabited town in Texas has been sold on the internet auction site, eBay, to a buyer in Italy for a little over three million dollars.

The town, called Albert, is about 62 miles outside San Antonio and features a schoolhouse, a dance hall and a bar.

The town's current owner, Bobby Cave, said he was checking the identity of the buyer, to confirm the deal.

He added he had several other serious bids should the sale fall through.

Mr Cave, 47, an estate agent, said he sold the land after three-and-a-half years as he was ready to move on to his next project.

"I bought it with the intention of creating a little family camping venue where people could come out and drink and enjoy local live music," he told PA news agency.

He said the town's population consisted of himself and a groundsman at weekends.

The winning buyer will take over an icehouse created from the frame of the old general store, a pavilion, an 85-year-old dance hall, a tractor shed and a three-bedroom house, together with peach and pecan orchards.

They do say you can find anything on ebay!


  • kegler747 said....

    I like your new blog format :)

  • Tina said....

    i would love to build a town up from scracth that would be soo cool.
    Hey did you hear about the people that were selling a baby on ebay too!!?

    Ebay is crazy!

  • chilly said....

    Hello Kegler! Thank you! :)

    Hi Tina!
    A baby???????? Geezzzz!!
    Not sure it's ebay that's crazy or if it's some of the people on ebay. LOL!!

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